Stock your kitchen shelves with nutritious foodstuff in Nigeria like Maize, Egusi, Tomatoes, Ogbono, Rice, Vegetables, Beans, Onions, Garri, Yam, Palm oil, dried Fish, Eggs, Crayfish, fresh Meat, Cocoyam, Banana, Potatoes, Plantains, Fruits, Groundnuts, Pepper and other spices and food condiments that are used in daily meal preparation. With the rising cost of food items, you are sure to get these commodities at affordable prices in this market. Just contact our sellers.

Apart from cooking food like soups and preparation of meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner, these foodstuffs are also useful in making recipes like cakes, Bread, Salad, Pizza, Stew, Sandwich and other desserts.

Where to buy Foodstuff in Nigeria at cheap prices

Dried Snails, Crayfish, Prawns and Fish for sale

Dried Snails, Crayfish, Prawns and Fish for sale

I sell oron crayfish, prawns, snail and dry fish. Bag of crayfish 68k jumbo, Dry snail 4piece 1k jumbo, Dry catfish (fresh sea water cat fis... Contact

₦1,000 | Uyo, Akwa Ibom
Ogiri Okpei wholesale

Ogiri Okpei wholesale

We bring you original, unadulterated, no mix ogiri okpei or okpehie also known as castor seed in English from Kogi State. We sell in wholesa... Contact

₦40 | Nyanya, Abuja
Dried Bonga Fish for sale

Dried Bonga Fish for sale

Correct Oil Bonga Fish available for sale, sun-dried to last longer 40K PER 200 PIECES 20K PER 100 PIECES 11K PER 50 PIECEZ 5500 PER 25 PIEC... Contact

₦5,500 | Warri North, Delta
New Egusi for sale

New Egusi for sale

If you want to store Egusi this year, new Egusi is out. We have few months to buy for storage. I will supply you at the best price FOR NOW&h... Contact

₦40,000 | Warri South, Delta
Wholesale Groundnut for sale

Wholesale Groundnut for sale

Groundnuts available here for sale. 54k for complete 26 Nos custard rubber. If u are buying more then 5 to 10 bags We can still give u disco... Contact

₦52,000 | Minna, Niger
Niger Egusi for sale

Niger Egusi for sale

Niger Egusi is available for sale. 30 custard rubber is in a bag each bag goes for the price of 24.5k Instead of stressing yourself going to... Contact

₦24,500 | Minna, Niger

List of Food stuff items in Nigeria

Food stuff items in Nigeria
Culinary in Nigeria is a vast one with so many traditional delicacies representing the various ethnicities. The good thing is that food ingredients needed for the preparation of these assorted meals are similar to one another in different regions and I have been compiled a list of these groceries to give you an idea of what a must-have list of Nigerian food stuff items should look like.

Egusi seeds

Egusi is an oily proteinous seed grain this is mostly dried or grounded for cooking Egusi soups.

Yam Tubers

Yam is a starchy tuber that can be eaten roasted, fried, boiled or mashed to serve as a side dish. It can be processed to produce flour or mashed to serve as a seasoning in place of Cocoyam.

Noodles Pasta

Noodles are a product of flour mixed with salt and water. It is enjoying a widespread acceptance in most Nigerian homes and restaurants as a fast food owing to its quick and easy way of preparation. Some of the championing brands here include Indomie, Tummy Tummy, Chikki, Dangote, Mimee, Golden penny and Honeywell. Its closest substitute are spaghetti which tastes good too.

See also the prices of Flour, Beans, Palm oil, Maize – corn, Rice, Crayfish, Tomatoes, bags of Garri, crates of Egg and other Fruits and Vegetables which can be prepared using our Kitchen utensils.

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