This is where to get your Iron, Pinto, Lima or Honey beans for sale in Nigeria at cheap prices for both foreign and stone-free local supplies in wholesale or retail quantities. Beans are sold in full or half bags, Painter, Mudu or Cup and in tons. They come washed or dried in different varieties like white, brown or red types for the 1kg, 50kg or 100kg bag sales.

Bag of Beans price in Nigeria

These grains are used in making Moi moi (the cake), Angoyin, green colored coffee beans, Beans flour and cooking beans porridge. Have you eaten beans cultivated in Maiduguri or Borno before?
100kg bags of Beans for sale

100kg bags of Beans for sale

All prices include delivery Location jos Beans 100kg contains 28 custard Brown beans 48k Honey beans 48k Iron beans 45k Onions bag 36k Kulik... Contact

₦45,000 | Jos North, Plateau
Oloyin (Honey Beans) for sale

Oloyin (Honey Beans) for sale

Oloyin (Honey Beans) is available for sale! A mudu is #900 A painter is #2600 10 mudu is #8,500 26 painter bag is #67000. 33 painter is #82,... Contact

₦700 | Gwarimpa, Abuja

These are the current prices of bags of rice and Food stuff list in Nigerian markets today.

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