The use of Flour in fast food preparation is seen everyday in Nigerian small chops industry and so, there is an increased demand for this fine, well-grounded powders made from agro produce like Wheat, Maize (corn), cassava, Yam, Beans, Oat, Plantain, Coconut, Wholemeal and virtual all carbohydrate giving foods. These Flours are commercially used for baking bread, cakes, snacks, and for all other purposes.

Where to buy Flour in Nigeria

They are usually sold (wholesale or retail) in bags of 50kg, 1kg, cups or paints. The popular brands producing flours in Nigeria include Dangote flour, Golden Penny flour, Mama Gold flour and Honeywell flour mills. See the cost of best flours below
50kg Golden Penny flour for sale

50kg Golden Penny flour for sale

Golden Penny Classic flour for sale 🍷 🍞This is where you can get quality and cheap flour in Naija for all purposes.🍞 Wheat and Vita... Contact

₦8,000 | Ikeja, Lagos
Mixed Puff flour for sale

Mixed Puff flour for sale

600g of Puff puff flour is available now for sale, just add water Have you just had dinner, but as you’re watching a movie, there̵... Contact

₦1,000 | Ikorodu, Lagos
Japan Flour mixers for sale

Japan Flour mixers for sale

Flour mixers imported from Japan available for sale in our warehouse @ a very affordable price. Please contact us now while stock lasts.... Contact

₦16,500 | Ikeja, Lagos
Dangote flour for sale

Dangote flour for sale

Dangote Flour for sale at cheap price Best place you can buy your quality and quantity flour 🍞 Hard wheat, Enzymes, Vitamin and Minerals ... Contact

₦13,000 | Ikeja, Lagos
Dates Flour sachets (dabino Powder)

Dates Flour sachets (dabino Powder)

Date flour is a natural sweetener gotten from carefully hand picked healthy date fruits, washed and dried then ground to give you one of nat... Contact

₦3,800 | Lagos Mainland, Lagos
Best Beans Flour for sale

Best Beans Flour for sale

For all your Moi Moi, Akara etc, we have Beans flour in Nigeria for sale. It is stone free It is has a very fine texture It is very easy&hel... Contact

₦3,000 | Ikeja, Lagos

Price of 50kg Bag of Flour in Nigeria 2023

Below prices are for the main producers or manufacturers in 2023 Nigerian markets today.

Flour Maker Price
Dangote Flour ₦30,000 – ₦35,000
Golden Penny Flour ₦28,900 – ₦31,000
Mama Gold Flour ₦28,500 – ₦30,500
Honeywell Flour ₦27,000 – ₦29,900

See the cost of Bags of Beans, peanut burger and Cassava per ton in Nigeria.
price of flour in nigeria for sale

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