Best Top Fashion Designers In Africa 2023

Fashion styles Designers in Africa

African modern day designers and their dresses are now the in-thing when it comes to trending global fashion styles lately. Clothing styles like Ankara top and trousers designs, Lace gowns, unique and pre-styled head wraps for females and hats for men. The list is endless and we bring all of its designers to you in this review.

Although there is still work to be done, there has been a steady but modest influx of offline and online platforms, events and shows designed to show off these talents to even more people within and outside the continent.

While archaic crafts are being revived and used to celebrate culture and history via carefully created apparel, Lagos, Accra and Johannesburg strive to house most of the continent’s fashion influencers as the creativity industry grows on daily basis.

Famous Fashion Models in Africa 2024

Let’s take a look at African Fashion Designer and Super models in countries like South Africa, Ghana and the Naomi Campbell’s designated fashion capital of the continent called Nigeria.

As you can see, we are considered only three top countries in the industry for now, there are plans to include Zimbabwean, Kenyan and Egyptian models among others, so read on!

5 South African Fashion Designers

It’s obvious that cities like Cape Town or even Johannesburg come to mind when you talk about fashion and design in SA. Nevertheless, there are a lot of tribes, ethnic groups and cultres in South Africa and each have their unique code of dressing, some of which has wholly or partly made it to the world fashion stage. Talking about styles like Madiba shirt, izicolo, amashoba, ibheshu, xibelani, embroidered Saris, isiphephetu, iqhiya & ithumbu on dresses, and a combination of them all etc. Below are the top fashion brand names in South Africa.

1. Amanda Laird Cherry

Top fashion designer in South Africa
Source: @alc_woman Instagram.

A well-known South African fashion brand, Amanda Laird Cherry, creates exquisite clothing for both men and women.

Before starting her own label, Durban-based designer Amanda studied apparel design and accumulated a ton of experience in the field.

Her products have been shown at London Fashion Week and are available online at SPREE and at The Space stores around the country.

2. Michelle Ludek

Another legendary name on the list of the wealthiest fashion designers in South Africa is Michelle Ludek.

According to her history, she developed her expertise in commercial fashion design in North America.

She has a distinctive fashion sense that ranges from casual shift dresses to netty sweaters. She prefers stylish clothing more than anything.

3. Laduma Ngxokolo

Since Laduma is a member of the Xhosa community, his cultural heritage serves as an inspiration for his fashion sense. He has a distinctive fashion sense that manifests in his knitwear in the shape of abstract designs.

He is one of the select few fashion designers in South Africa who have opted to use some of the materials that are readily available in the area for his range.

4. Mzukisi Mbane

Mzukisi Mbane founded Swagger Diariez, a label with a base in Cape Town, in 2011. At first, Mbane just had access to his mother’s sewing machine and no formal instruction. Imprint is a modern apparel line that combines classic styles with South African streetwear.

5. Carl Stephenson

One more designer, Carl Stephenson, is the mastermind behind Tart designs and is situated in Cape Town, South Africa. She shows her originality through ethnic designs and traditional silhouettes, making her style a touch different from the others.

The phrase “simple but sophisticated” sums up her fashion most effectively. The line’s varied color choice is another aspect that helps it stand out.

5 Nigerian Fashion Designers

A lot of fashion trends that ended up trending at the global level has been linked to a number of fashion designers in Nigeria styling with men and women wears like Buba & Gele hair ties, beaded dresses, mermaid lace gowns, traditional trousers, Isi Agu attires, Aseobi Ankara, Senator wear styles, Agbada, Darra’a, Babban riga with robes, peplum skirts and blouses etc. Let’s see some of the best stylists based in Lagos, Abuja.

1. Zizi Cardow

Top fashion designer in Nigeria
Source: @zizicardow Instagram.

Designer Zizi Cardow has received numerous honors and prizes, and she is respected by both Nigerians and fashion industry professionals throughout.

Top three fashion designers in Nigeria include Zizi, whose company goes by the same name.

The clothes and designs of Zizi Cardow have been displayed at a number of international fashion shows. Along with participating in numerous mentorship programs, she has earned numerous awards.

In 2002, she first heard awards ringing at her door. In addition to the St. Moritz Style Selection Award and the Nigerian Women Awards, she was given the DAME Award for her significant contribution to fashion.

Since 2002, she has consistently won many accolades, which has improved her reputation in the sector.

2. Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo is renowned for blending traditional West African textiles with cutting-edge tailoring techniques; she self-taught fashion design.

One of her most well-known brands is Jewel, by Lisa, which she started in 2005 and has since developed into a global fashion company with showrooms in New York and Nigeria.

Folawiyo uses the traditional West African cloth known as Ankara to create interesting and sumptuous one-of-a-kind patterns. She sells jewelry, purses, and her own fabric line in addition to these other items.

3. Frank Oshodi

The cultural diversity of Nigeria has been successfully merged into distinct fashion design trends, and Frank Oshodi is a prime illustration of this. Oshodi’s career began while he was employed by renowned home fashion companies like Dakova and Nikki Africana. He has worked in the field of fashion design for up to 25 years.

He worked on well-known TV commercials such as Maclean’s before moving up the ladder to become a model manager. Before starting his makeup business, House of Bunor, and his career in fashion design, he dabbled in dance.

4. D. O. Sagoe

Anglo Gold African Design Awards in 2000 were one of many honors bestowed upon famous fashion designer Deola Sagoe.

She has also received a master’s degree from the University of Lagos, among many other honors.

Clothing for men and women is made by fashion designer Deola. She started an Odua clothing line for her mother, which is now popular.

She has famous clients like Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith.

5. Ade Bakare

Ade Bakare Ade Bakare is the founder of Ade Bakare Couture and a Nigerian fashion designer with a presence in London. Over the years, he has established himself as one of Nigeria’s leading fashion designers.

On Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria, he runs a successful business and creates exquisite bridal gowns.

5 Ghanaian African Fashion Designer

When you arrive the former Gold Coast and you did not see locals wearing clothes like Kete, Goja or even the Kente styles, then you can be sure that it isn’t Ghana you have traveled to. Ghanaians are blessed with rich cultures and traditions and as expected, their own unique fabrics or prints are not left out.

Permit me to introduce you to professional models who have been championing the course of fashion style as design influencers in Ghana as at 2024.

1. Christie Brown

Top Fashion designer in Ghana
Source: @christiebrowngh Instagram.

Aisha Obuobi, the originator of the brand, was inspired to start her own clothing line after witnessing Christie Brown, for whom it is named, sew beautiful African garments.

Aisha explored with African fabrics at a young age, making clothes for her dolls in Ghana. Christie Brown was born in 2008.

Christie Brown is renowned for her meticulous attention to detail and structured costumes with African prints that reflect every facet of the modern African woman.

She designs everything from ready-to-wear items to custom dresses, frequently focusing on waist-cinching fits. Despite having a mostly luxurious and high fashion look, her products are wearable and flexible, making them appropriate for anyone.

2. Kofi Essel & Kristin

Beyoncé, Solange, and La La Anthony are admirers of the jewelry company Third Crown from New York City. After working in the fashion industry for David Yurman, Eddie Borgo, and Reed Krakoff, husband and wife team Kristin and Kofi Essel launched the company.

Their minimalist style, with its straight lines, draws inspiration from architecture.

3. Eriah Abrima

Abrima, is a former Bottega Veneta executive who co-founded Studio 189 with her best friend Rosario Dawson during a tour across the continent with V-Day, is at the vanguard of ethical design.

The two manufacture all of their clothing in Ghana using indigo-dyed separates, batik cotton, and jewelry produced from recycled glass.

4. Asiedu, Jason J.

One fashion designer we know, Jason Asiedu of Jermaine Bleu, is adept at dressing curvy women with an attitude from ladies gowns, skirts, top to trousers.

With the help of fashion industry heavyweights like Kevin Nkrumah and Celeste van Joost, this youthful artist is also a sophisticated businessperson who knows how to build a following in the industry.

5. Nana K Brenu

With her brand, 1981, Nana, who studied at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and the Parsons School of Design in New York City, gives a new viewpoint to the typically adinkra-symbol-heavy West African fashion.

At the 2014, Africa Fashion International Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa, 1981, known for toying with structure and layers, showcased.

Brief Conclusion

The top fashion designers in some African countries like Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa have been listed! I hope you find this article very insightful?


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