Price of Portable Solar Generators in Nigeria

portable solar generators

You are on the right page to get pricing information and other details about portable solar generator products for your home, office or store rooms in Nigeria. These are solar hybrid systems mainly made of inverter, charge controllers, batteries, USB ports and solar panel to enable you stay off grid while it powers your light bulbs, fans, mobile phone charging, power banks, and sometimes home appliances like televisions, sound systems, refrigerators, etc (depending on the capacity usually in watts).

These solar kits or portable power station are alternative source of energy that became popular in Nigeria mostly due to rising fuel costs to power gasoline generators, unstable power supply from the grid and the need to charge phones, laptops and tablets which is needed by both the rich and and poor homes across board. Since then, a lot of solar brands like Boscon, Wavetra, Sunking, Qasa, Bluetti, SMS, Patriot, Saroda, UAPOW, Yobolife, Entelechy etc have made it to the energy market and as expected, the business is currently thriving.

They are called generators or energy kits in that they are portable tools for generating electricity from the sun which does not require tedious installation process or needing the services of a professional. Interestingly, these portable solar generators are designed to be setup by just anyone. Right under the sun and in an open place usually on top of roofs, you can place the solar panel there and draw the long wire or cable to be connected to the portable generator for it to charge. That’s all that is needed for you to use the solar energy kit.

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Price of Solar Generators in Nigeria

You can buy solar energy generators cheap or costly depending on the brand and capacity you go for. You choice depends on your purchasing power and the capacity of home appliances you intend to use it with. For example, you can’t power a 2000w washing machine with a 1000w solar generator. There are two major specifications to consider in solar home kits: the battery storage capacity and the solar panel‘s PV input which affects the energy usage and replenishment rate.

In that case, we are going to group the kinds of solar generator products that we have here according to their capacities in watts irrespective of their brands from 500W, 1000W, 2000W, 3000W to about 5000W systems.

500w solar Generator price

This category include available solar generators with capacity ranging from 2w, 50w, 100w, 200w, 300w, 400w to 500w only.

1. 400W Boscon solar Generator

==> System Price: ₦260,000.
==> Power Generator capacity: 400 watts.
==> Solar panel capacity: 100 watts.
==> Inverter type: Pure sine wave inverter.
==> Battery type: 70ah.

2. 20W Boscon solar Generator

==> System price: ₦25,000.
==> Solar Panel: Polycrystalline Solar Module 9v-3w (With 4m Wire).
==> Battery: 6v 4ah (Built=In).
==> Usb Socket: 5v/0.5a.
==> Speaker 2w.
==> Led Socket: 6v 0.5a(Max)*3.
==> fm Range: 88-108mhz.
==> led Lighting Source: 6v2w (With 3 Meters Wire).
==> Solar panel charging time: 8 – 10 hours.

3. 500w Entelechy solar power generator

==> System price: ₦120,000.
==> built-in grade A lifepo4 lithium battery of 8-10 years lifespan,
==> high quality power frequency inverter
==> UPS Function
==> 3 years assured warranty

1000w solar Generator price

This category include available solar generators with capacity ranging from 600w, 700w, 800w, 900w to 1000w only.

1. 1000W UAPOW Portable Solar Power Generator

==> System price: ₦550,000.
==> Power system parameters: 500W.
==> Battery capacity: 270000mAH.
==> Inverter type: Pure sine wave power station energy storage
==> Battery type: Rechargeable lithium battery
==> Other specifications: Outdoor UPS and Three-way charging system.

2. 600W BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station

==> 430W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar+AC);

==> 600W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (1,200W surge);

==> 268Wh Capacity;

==> LiFePO4 Battery with 2,500+ Life Cycles to 80%;

==> Smart Control & Monitor in BLUETTI App;

==> 200W Max. Solar Input;

==> 6 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/AC+Solar/AC+Adapter);

==> 9 Outputs for Charging Multiple Devices at once;

==> Easy to Carry/ Fast Charging/ Safe & Reliable/ Cost-effective

==> 24/7 UPS.

Parts of a Solar generator and their functions

A solar generator is a portable device that harnesses energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. It typically consists of solar panels to capture sunlight, a battery to store the generated energy, and an inverter to convert the stored energy into usable AC power for various electronic devices. Solar generators are often used as a clean and renewable power source for camping, outdoor activities, emergencies, and small-scale power needs.
Solar Panels: These are the primary components that capture sunlight and convert it into DC (direct current) electricity. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that generate electricity when exposed to sunlight.

Charge Controller: The charge controller regulates the flow of electricity from the solar panels to the battery. It prevents overcharging and damage to the battery, ensuring efficient charging and extending its lifespan.

Long-lasting Battery: The battery stores the electricity generated by the solar panels. It is a crucial component as it allows you to use the stored energy even when there is no sunlight, such as during the night or on cloudy days.

Solar Inverter: The inverter converts the DC electricity stored in the battery into AC (alternating current) electricity, which is what most electronic devices and appliances use to function.

Power Outlets: The solar generator may have one or more power outlets to plug in and power various devices like laptops, smartphones, lights, and small appliances.

USB Ports: Some solar generators also come equipped with USB ports to directly charge devices like phones and tablets.

Display and Controls: Many solar generators have a display panel that shows important information such as battery level, charging status, and power output. There are also controls to manage the device and monitor its functions.

Carrying Handles/Wheels: For portability, solar generators often packaged in a plastic or metal casing that is carried via its handles or wheels to make them easier to transport.

These devices are not your traditional power banks, they are portable power station and can be carried from one point to another although some quarters may call them solar power banks and that’s ok because it stores energy ready for use by mobile phones, tablets, computers and other household appliances.


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