Best Investment Companies in Nigeria with High Returns

Best Investment Companies in Nigeria with High Returns

Nothing is more financially satisfying than knowing which investment company is best to put your hard-earned money into and at the same time, get high returns from such business ventures after a given period of time. That is the goal of every small and medium enterprise I know in Nigeria and the world at large.

We understand this and that’s why we have here a list of top trending places online where you can go to invest your money and get quick returns from it within a specific time. These companies are in the business of using the capital you invest to trade on available products and services that have average, good to high return records on investment made.

There are so many assets available in the investment market today (some of which are risk free) for any individual or corporate organisation out there to buy in the form of stocks or bonds at a given rate from related market. These are some of the short or long term securities that can guarantee a day to day liquidity inflow for investors.

Top Investment Companies in Nigeria

Money yields profit when transacted with. The whole idea behind investment in Nigeria is trading with funds and this happens in all manner of transactions. The first step in the right direction is to find the best company to entrust your money with. There are a lot of investment apps in Nigeria with good interest rate that you can earn from.

That is why why we have prepared this comprehensive list to aid you in choice making in your favorite sectors of the economy which may include agriculture, real estate, banking & finance, health, education, Fashion, manufacturing and industry etc. This list (in no particular order) tries to cover key firms with investment opportunities in major areas of the economy which has high returns on profits.

1. Forthright Securities and Investment Limited

Forthright Securities & Investment Limited is a licensed member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and it’s fully registered by the Securities & Exchange Commission as a dealer/broker in the financial market. The firm was incorporated as a company in December 1995 and since has in its team, one of the best hands providing services that range from investment advisory in money and capital market to financial education (from a vantage position in information dissemination), Stock brokerage, funds and portfolio management, etc.

The company has made buying of shares at a lower rate and selling at higher rates so seamless thereby increasing the liquidity and transparency of the market while trading at the stock exchange.

2. CitiTrust Investment

Indeed, CitiTrust is a perfect partner you can trust for the guaranteed success of your financial goals. As a topnotch investment holding company with presence in many African countries, it offers first class innovative advisory and profitable business services aimed at improving lives and transforming the economy of the continent.

The services they provide are numerous and focuses on sectors with long-term returns. Some of the notable ones include Wealth management, Commercial and Investment banking to mention but a few. With its office, the company has overtime has built that reputation as one of the top corporate bodies in Nigeria promoting entrepreneurship and career advancement as a catalyst for economic growth.

3. Stanbic IBTC Asset Management

When you talk investment, pension, insurance schemes and mutual funds, a range of quality products offered by Stanbic IBTC tops the list. With as low as ₦5,000, you can maximize your income through Stanbic IBTC assets management and benefit from its long-term capital appreciation.

This investment bank is an award-winning leader in the money market fund, it has been championing just the best investment options in the industry with competitive returns. Some of its other services include Exchange traded funds, Alternative funds and Umbrella funds. You can begin trading buy first opening an instant mutual funds account here.

4. Quantum Zenith Capital

Best known as Zenith Capital which is one of the highly ranked, biggest and largest investment companies in Nigeria when it comes to corporate financing, IPOs and financial advisory etc. Literally, this firm can handle medium to high budget projects for any clientele be it corporate organisations, entrepreneurs or government agencies.

It is one of the pioneer assets management companies with business relationship with Zenith bank of Nigeria. It has the capacity to handle high-profile jobs with a touch of international standards while leveraging modern technology in order to make profit and its improve workers efficiency.

5. PiggyVest online app

Growing your daily, weekly and monthly income has become easier these days with the introduction of digital banking systems, in the case of PiggyVest, all your online banking, investment and profitable savings needs have been tailored to your needs. Before investing, you would like to understand how this investment company operates.

PiggyVest was launched to help consumers save more, with PiggyBank’s goal-oriented savings, you can grow your capital to earn more money and make withdrawals as at when due depending on your needs – more flexible than you can imagine. Again, if you have targets in the future to meet up with, PiggyVest’s Fixed savings affords you the opportunity to accumulate funds needed on a long-term basis using any of its plans convenient for you. This is so that when the need arises, you will have enough cash to spend.

6. Carbon money app

The popular loan app in Nigeria called Carbon will sure tickle your fancy when it comes to growing money and that’s why it made our list of top investment firms in Nigeria today in 2023. In what may seem like a one-stop shop for all your banking and finance needs, Carbon has flexible savings and investment plans to help you grow your money even on the go.

The good thing is that with as low as ₦100 naira, you can start saving with carbon. In order words, anyone can participate in the services they offer without having to risk their hard-earned monies.

7. Payday Investor

Payday Investor is one of Nigeria’s favorite money savings app that anyone can easily pick interest in. As its name depicts, the idea behind payday is to make cash available on those days you make urgent payments such as rents, vacation trips, school fees, car purchases etc. This is achieved by securely putting money aside for more profits when a customer invests and grows his/her returns using the ARM Money Market Fund

With upto ₦1,000 you are eligible to grow your funds via the ARM Money Market Fund and stand a chance to earn at 15% interest rate on the mobile app. Upon maturity, your money will be ready for withdrawal straight to your wallet.

8. Cowrywise investment App

Funding account and growing your money on the Cowrywise online platform is breeze and every effort is being made by the company everyday to make each transaction process as secure as possible. Cowrywise is an investment company in Nigeria and they are peculiar for its Fixed-income securities which involves routine payment to investors and eventual repayment of the principal.

In a bid to rework how financial services get delivered to people, the Cowrywise team have built an e-banking and trading platform to help Nigerians put money to work and in essence, make people a little richer as each day passes by. As a beginner or first timers, you can leverage their quick, fast and secure signup process to start growing money today instead of spending unnecessarily.

9. Tribitat Real Estate & Properties

This investment platform best known as Tribitat Real Estate unlike others we have listed above is into trading with monies on real estate and other landed properties in Nigeria. They are based in Lagos and are your best plug to becoming a real investor with a capital as low as ₦1 million naira, you can earn as high as 56% returns.

The organization aims to give everyone the opportunity to own appreciable properties in Abuja or Lagos which is another form of long-term savings. For that, this firm launched Landvest, a very lucrative investment initiative aimed at creating more wealth for medium to high income earners in the country.

10. Binance Exchange

Binance exchange affords you the chance to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes. It is in fact thrilling to know that yours truly is the largest crypto exchange by trade volume and one of the fastest in the world today. Whether we admit it or not, cryptocurrency has come to stay and secure platforms like Binance are championing it all.

One good thing about it is that with its official wallet, any user can transact worldwide, save, make money and withdrawal as they wish. Here, the risk in trading is high just like the profit made when the coin appreciates.

In Conclusion

There are so many investment companies to trade with in Nigeria and beyond. They ones we have provided you here are leaders in so many areas of interest and sectors of any economy. This piece of content does not in anyway try to validate or invalidate one over another, so feel free to carry out extra inquiries to know which suits you best before saving or investing your money with them.


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