The fried cassava flour known as Garri is a popular Nigerian food which is sold in different quantities from 50kg Bags, paint Buckets, Mudus to mini Cups. It is also called Swallow or Eba and usually served with soups in most homes. It can also be combined raw with water, sugar, milk and Milo etc for drinking purposes. Place your wholesale orders and attract discounts, we deliver nationwide.

Where to buy Bags of Garri in Nigeria at cheap prices

Bags of garri for sale

Bags of garri for sale

Buy your Benue white garri at affordable price as low as #18,000 for 50KG and #38,000 for 100KG depending on the location, we deliver at you... Contact

₦28,000 | No.1 agile street oju main market , Oju, Benue , Nigeria
Long-lasting Garri for sale

Long-lasting Garri for sale

Fine, Sand free Garri for sale. It can rise very well It doesn’t change colour buy and can stay for more than six months provided you ... Contact

₦13,000 | Makurdi, Benue , Nigeria
Sweet Potato Garri flakes for sale

Sweet Potato Garri flakes for sale

Sour crispy crunchy Garri made from sweet potato tubers for sale. So nutritious and ideal for persons with stomach disorder 2kg satchet pack... Contact

₦1,000 | Ibadan North, Oyo , Nigeria
Yellow Garri for sale in Abuja

Yellow Garri for sale in Abuja

Dirt free yellow Garri finally restocked. You blink, you miss… Order now @ 350 per Mudu, #1000 per custard rubber. Kindly call or DM v... Contact

₦350 | Utako, Abuja , Nigeria

Price of Bag of Garri in Nigeria 2023

This is where to buy quality and original varieties like Ijebu garri, Bendel garri, Yellow garri and White garri from sellers at cheap prices.

Quantity Prices
1kg white garri ₦400
1kg yellow garri ₦550
25kg white garri ₦10,000
25kg yellow garri ₦13,750
50kg white garri ₦20,000
50kg yellow garri ₦27,500
100kg white garri ₦40,000
100kg yellow garri ₦55,000

See prices of Cassava per ton in Nigeria.

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