Latest Natural Hair Weaving Style Without Attachment

Latest Natural Hair Weaving Style Without Attachment
Natural Weaving Hairstyles without Attachment

Obviously, there are times women just want to go natural with their kinky hair and that includes the styling itself. Do you know that even without Attachment or wearing extension wigs, there are natural ways to make your hairstyle look stunning, simple and beautiful by twisting of hair strands in different patterns?

You can find here, some fantastic Ghana weaving hairstyles that suit your taste whether you have the short or long hair type not minding. Since a woman’s hair is also her pride, it is very necessary for women and girls alike to be beautifully styled without cost overburdens. Interestingly, this method is one of the few protective hairstyles any female can get from a salon.

In a bid to inspire all ladies out there with latest designs, we have here a list of trending hair styles worn by Nigerian ladies these days. This is equally to show the importance of valuing natural hair, the simplicity and dignity in it as you can see from our collection of amazing weaving styles that can confidently be worn by females to offices, school or any other event as they please.

Natural Nigerian Hair Weaving Style Without Attachment

The astonishing thing about natural weaving styles without Attachment is that they are lightweight, neat and simple as opposed to the heavy, itchy and sometimes haggard-looking hair extensions that may begin to smell if it doesn’t receive the amount of care and costly maintenance it deserves.

As a protective hairstyle, it might interest you to know that its various variants like the Bantu nuts, updo, buns, feed in braids, down do, flat twists etc all of which can protect hair strands from damaging effects like thinning and retain moisture & length that may come from unfavorable environmental conditions. The latest weaving styles by African women are below.

Tiny Weaving Without Attachment

Tiny weaving hairstyles in Nigeria
Tiny weaving is a way of binding your hair into tiny sections so that all the individual strands can be seen and styled. It’s like having a weave but without all the hassle. You don’t have to worry about style or maintenance, because all you have to do is wash it when you’re finished.

The best part? Tiny weaving is easy to do at home with any kind of hair, so you can try it out on any type of texture or length of hair. You’ll never have to worry about creating a new weave again—you just need a few small tools and some time with hot water and vinegar.

Virgin Hair Weaving Styles

Virgin weaving Hairstyles in Nigeria
In the world, virgin hairstyles are among the most exquisite. They come in a range of short, natural, and long styles, as well as numerous contemporary variations. These haircuts are currently being exhibited widely. The ladies of Nigeria wear these lovely hairstyles as crowns.
Virgin weaving hairstyles in Nigeria
They stand for self-expression, self-awareness, and confidence. Recently, these trends have inspired hairdressers and fashion beauticians all over the world. Although life and technology have advanced, weaving hairstyles continue to be popular.

These hairstyles were on the verge of extinction once, but thanks to modernization, they are now becoming increasingly trendy. The Nigerian hair weaving style is well-known throughout the world. These fashions may be produced efficiently, and they can endure up to three

Nigerian Didi Hairstyles

Natural Didi Hairstyles in Nigeria
A wooden comb with three teeth and regional hair lotion are needed for Didi hairstyles on natural hair. They can be created in many ways. While some utilize attachments, others only use their own natural hair, with no added artificial hair. These trends are quite adaptable.

To prevent traction alopecia, ask your hairdresser to avoid pulling the hair too tightly. Natural hair is simply braided or twisted without the use of synthetic extensions in hairstyles without attachment. If you have thick natural hair, these are perfect for you.

Simple Didi cornrows weaving hairstyles
The top of the head is covered with braids to create a hump in the traditional Didi shuku manner. Depending on one’s preferences and the form of their head, there are now a lot of variations.

South-western Nigerian women frequently sport the distinctive braided hairstyle known as the side Didi. It resembles French braids done in a different direction than traditional cornrows. They are distinctive and give the hair some depth. Although adding extensions might be done for you in the event that you choose to, side Didi are typically performed without braided hair.

Beautiful Cornrow Hairstyles

Beautiful Cornrows hairstyles in Nigeria
For natural or relaxed hair, cornrows are one of the most low-maintenance and protective hairstyles you can try. They can take on a number of shapes depending on the appearance you’re going for and sit close to the scalp.

Some people might believe that cornrows are best worn at more laid-back occasions, but we’re here to disprove that notion with looks that will help you wear cornrows to any occasion.

#1. Pigtail Cornrows

Pigtail cornrows hair weaving styles in Nigeria
You might want to give some pigtail cornrows a try if you enjoy a sporty appearance that also feels fashionable. Your hair will frame and emphasize your features in addition to keeping it out of your face. You can match your larger cornrows with smaller braids at the side of your head for a more ornate look.

#2. Beaded Cornrows With a Straight Back

Beaded Cornrows with a straight back
African hairstyles known as cornrows have frequently been accessorized with beads and shells. The world can see that you’re proud of and in touch with your roots if you wear your cornrows in this way.
Beaded Cornrows weaving hairstyles in Nigeria
If the style isn’t striking enough, you can always style your hair into an updo or channel Alicia Keys’ early 2000s eye makeup look.

Simple Protective Hairstyles For Relaxed Hair

Simple Protective hairstyles for relaxed hair
The use of protective hairstyles is a fantastic technique to protect your relaxed hair from the weather and promote growth. You’re in luck if you’re seeking for the greatest one because there are several types that can be effective (and look super cute).

1. Simple, Elegant Bun

Back Bun Hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria
This protecting fashion is fantastic for an everyday appearance. Simply pull your hair back into a low ponytail that is loose. After that, create a low bun with it and fasten it with a hair band. Try experimenting with various parts, such as a trendy side-part or a chic middle part, to change up the appearance.

Instead, divide your ponytail into three separate braids and twist them all into a braided bun.

2. Stylish Cornrows

Simple Cornrows for protective hairs
Thiis adaptable hairstyle keeps your hair in close-to-the-scalp tight braids. They’re a brilliant choice for keeping your hair safe as you let it grow out. If you want to change up your appearance, you can wear them alone or use the style to keep your hair tucked behind a wig. Braid cornrows at home with the assistance of a friend or on your own to obtain the appearance.

Thandaza Freehand Hairstyles For Ladies

Thandaza freehand hairstyles for ladies
Freehand hairstyles don’t require extensions, making them simple to create and reasonably priced. All you need is a qualified hairdresser and clean, moisturized natural hair. In 2022, you can wear a variety of freehand hand hairstyles. We’ll go into few here so keep reading!

All Back Weaving With Natural Hair

All black weaving with Natural hair for ladies in Nigeria
Another quick and easy natural hairdo is the all-back small weaving. A hair fashion style mostly worn by the black women. In both long and short hair, it is possible to achieve.

1. Short Cornrows With A Straight Back

Short Cornrows with a straight back
Use tiny cornrows to secure your Afro hair. Small cornrows are the perfect braiding style if you want to preserve your natural Afro-curls and make it last longer. Lines that are nicely plaited might be worn to work or school. Mid-fishbone hand braids that are fed in hairstyles with freehand cornrows.

Use twists and cornrows to give your hair an attractive look. You can style your natural hair in a variety of ways to preserve its texture and retain moisture. Use your own hair to make twists for a casually beautiful look. Feed-in cornrows that are neatly braided at the back complete the appearance.

2. Tiny, Side-Fishbone Cornrows

Fishbone cornrows hairstyles for Nigerian girls weaving
If you’re seeking for the best cornrow freehand hairstyles, side-fishbone plaits are the perfect look for you. They are the ideal option for a summer excursion.

Plain Lines Hairstyles Without Braid

Single braids hairstyles in Nigeria
Plain weaving hairstyles for women in Nigeria

1. Topped Cornrows Or Mini Twists With Halo Twists

Topped Cornrows or Mini twists with halo twist
Long or medium-length hair can wear this haircut. You may do it on your own and it’s a simple hairdo. You can dress it up with a pretty hair ornament of your choice, like a headband.

2. Chuckles Braids

Chuckles braids weaving style
Your hair must be quite long in order to achieve the thickness of this haircut. Additionally, you can lengthen your hair by blow-drying it or by bunning it up the day before. You can add flair with hair jewelry, a headband, or a hair flower because this braids style can appear basic.

3. Flat Twist For An Updo

Flat twist weaving for an updo hairstyle
Try this if you want something straightforward, useful, and attractive. This look enhances your features and frames your face so well. Additionally, it’s incredibly easy to create.

As a result, you won’t dread going to the salon to get this style. You’ll be outside in about an hour and look absolutely stunning. Once more, this look works best with hair between 3C and 4C.

Even if it is possible to pull it off with hair of lower density, it is only when the hair is full that its true beauty is shown. Almost every kind of outing is a wonderful fit for this hairstyle. You can wear it to work, a party, or the swimming pool. You’re good to go as long as you accessorize appropriately.

4. Weaving A Clapback With A Sweeping Front

Weaving with a clap back and a sweeping front
Sometimes all you want is a really relaxed hairstyle that will allow the wind to gently sweep over your hair.

Simply choose this style when you find yourself in a situation like that. Despite being straightforward, it allows you to use your back creatively. It is up to you whether to make it in arcs or zigzags. Feel free to use as much imagination as you like with your hair.

A vintage look that is still highly popular is the clapback. Everyone recalls needing to get to school as a teenager. Ah, those were the days. Now is the time to recall those pleasant recollections and relive those happy times.

5. Half-Parting With Flat, Twisted Folds

Half parting cornrows with a flat twisted fold
Your natural hair need to be twisted in addition to being attractive so that you can shield it from the elements and dust. And you have this if you ever need to put your hair in a protective style.

This fashion is really lovely in its own right. It requires minimal effort and time to make. Half-partings are always popular. You are free to choose whether you want the right or left side. This hair gives off a sultry, maternal appearance. Furthermore, it has a long lifespan if properly maintained.

The fact that you don’t need long hair to create this hairstyle is another lovely feature. You may still look stunning in this hairstyle with medium or short hair.

The Conclusion

You now know that you can actually rock your natural hair without attachment and how to do this has been discussed in this article.

However, you must know that it’s possible that your hairdo is to blame for the damage if it feels weak or thin. Numerous hairstyles, ranging from tight ponytails to flat-ironed ends, can positively affect the condition of your hair.

Your strands may endure more damage than necessary if the style is excessively tight or uses excessive heat.


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