Review of Saatva Mattress sizes and Price list

saatva mattress price, sizes and reviews

You may have heard of Saatva, the New York city 2010-founded e commerce company that owns the handcrafted luxury mattress brand known as Saatva mattress and some other notable bedroom furniture products. The bespoke bed in particular, is popular among internet users these days for its innerspring and coil-on-coil designs aimed at serving sleepers the comfort needed to relief from day-to-day stress so as to aid proper relaxation.

All of Saatva’s mattresses are custom-made to order in the United States. In order words, you have to preorder for your own bed online or offline to get a team of skilled artisans work on your order, produce your mattress and then deliver it to your doorstop wholely in a truck instead of the industry’s conventional delivery of bed in a box. The eco-friendly bed manufacturer believes that such luxury products can not be stuffed in compact containers like a box, hence the introduction of white glove delivery and mattress installation services for free of charge.

As a leading online retail shop without traditional markups, one striking thing that has endeared a lot of buyers to Saatva is that it is very affordable for a luxury bed when compared to its counterparts sold in brick and mortar stores out there. Typically, Saatva mattresses come in three firmness levels of Firm, Luxury firm and Plush soft and two height options of 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches.

Where to buy Saatva mattress and their prices

Buying a piece of Saatva bed for your bedroom feels good especially when you know that such piece of luxury can be purchased at ridiculous low prices. Considering the benefits you obtain and in relation to similar brands out there, Saatva mattresses are comfy, cheap and comes with a lifetime warranty. They company offers a 365 nights testing period but that incurs $99 in case you decide to return it. The reason is because beds returned by buyers are not resold but rather given out. To preorder now

The bestselling beds are those of Saatva classic designed with hybrid innerspring to support your body weight while you sleep. They are comfy, durable and breathable with its price per piece priced according to the following sizes in King, Twin, Queen, Cal King, Full Twin XL, Split Cal King and even the Split King. The classic version is compatible with most foundations, box springs, and bed frames.

All Saatva beds are made with two main kinds of coils, the base coils that provides realtime body support and the pocket coils that sees to your curve alignment and body movement. It has an organic cotton layer aimed at enhancing healthier and cooler sleep which is best for hot sleepers and for individuals who need a middle ground in terms of firmness.

Price of Saatva Mattress Beds Online

The price of each piece depending on their sizes is as follows

Mattresses Price range
Saatva Latex Hybrid $970 – $2,640
Saatva Classic $670 – $2,360
Zenhaven $1,470 – $3,540
Solaire $2,175 – $4,550
Saatva HD $1,470 – $3,540
Loom & Leaf $870 – $2,700
Crib Mattress $355
Memory Foam Hybrid $600 – $2,280
Saatva Youth $795 – $1,055

All the mattresses produced by Saatva are grouped under five categories or types (if you like).

  • Hybrid Innerspring Mattresses
  • Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Natural Latex Mattresses
  • Adjustable Firmness Mattress
  • Saatva Kids Mattresses

Each type is made with care for durability and with quality materials too.

1. Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

This is where you find all the mattresses that has durable coils for a responsive feel. They include the Saatva Latex Hybrid – Organic latex & Recycled coils • Best cooling, Saatva Classic – Cushioned pillow top • 3 firmness options, Memory Foam Hybrid – Premium memory foam + coils • Sleeps cooler, Saatva HD – Multiple comfort layers • For bigger bodies, Saatva Youth – Water-resistant • For growing kids ages 3-12.

2. Memory Foam Mattresses

These are mainly Premium foams for excellent pressure relief. They include the Memory Foam Hybrid – Premium memory foam + coils • Sleeps cooler, Loom & Leaf – ultra-premium memory foam • Body-hugging feel.

3. Natural Latex Mattresses

This is the kind of Saatva beds that has a Weightless feel & superb durability. They include Zenhaven – Organic latex (no coils) • Dual-sided, Saatva Latex Hybrid – Organic latex & Recycled coils • Best cooling, Saatva HD – Multiple comfort layers • For bigger bodies.

4. Adjustable Firmness Mattress

This set is best known as the 50 firmness settings for customizable comfort, which has the Solaire – Multiple comfort layers • Great for couples

Saatva Kids Mattresses
Houses all dual-sided comfortable mattresses for growing bodies. They include the Crib Mattress – water-resistant & nontoxic • For babies & toddlers and the Saatva Youth – Water-resistant • For growing kids ages 3-12.

Saatva Beddings and Mattress Accessories

The foam itself does not make for an enjoyable night sleep, it goes with some beddings which Saatva as a company provides like Mattress Toppers & pads, Pillow cases, bedsheets, bedding bundles, duvets and comforters, eye masks etc. You need a set of these accessories also together with the foam itself for a better sleep, relaxation or night rest.

In this blog post, we have reviewed the prices of these different beds and the most popular one among them. To know more, checkout the manufacturer’s website encircled with blue color above which we have provided you with. You can drop your feedback with us using the comment box, it is highly welcome on this site and thanks for reading.


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