Supply water to your toilets, kitchen storage, and bathroom showers with high quality plastic Geepee tanks for sale in Nigeria. They come in different sizes like 10,000 litres, 1000 litres, 500 litres or even 200 litres of water storage capacities. In most markets, they are sold in Sanitary wares and accessories shops. Here online, buy these water reserve tanks at cheap prices from our vendors and also save yourself from the stress. Jump to Geepee prices

Where to buy Geepee Tanks in Nigeria at cheap prices

You can also order for other plumbing materials like pipes, tees, joints etc.
300 litres Geepee Tanks for sale

300 litres Geepee Tanks for sale

We also provide Geepee tanks nationwide delivery and 1year Warranty. Address_No 36 Badagry Roundabout badagry express... Contact

₦50,000 | Badagry, Lagos
Fairly used Geepee tank for sale

Fairly used Geepee tank for sale

Second hand Geepee tank for sale. Size: 5000 litres Price is affordable No leakage no patch on it. Used for 18 months, with no fault. Still ... Contact

₦90,000 | Uyo, Akwa Ibom
Original best quality 5000 litres geepee tank

Original best quality 5000 litres geepee tank

Original best quality 5000litres geepee tank for sale at a give away price of 120k,,, Serious buyer should call or Whatsapp me on 0706078867... Contact

₦120,000 | Enugu East, Enugu
Geepee tank with stand for sale

Geepee tank with stand for sale

Buy this neatly used Geepee tank with stand at a cheaper price. The size is 750 gallons Stand – 20k Tank – 80k (Slightly negotia... Contact

₦80,000 | Port Harcourt, Rivers
Used 5000 litres Geepee tanks for sale

Used 5000 litres Geepee tanks for sale

2 Nos 5000 litres geepee tanks for sale at a good price each in Ibadan. It is a fairly used Geepee and it is durable. Condition: Second Hand... Contact

₦200,000 | Ibadan North East, Oyo
New Geepee tanks for sale

New Geepee tanks for sale

GeePee tanks available for sale at affordable price. Capacity: 5000ltrs Status: Brand New. Unused. Location : Oyo State Anyone interested wo... Contact

₦115,000 | Ibadan North, Oyo

Alternatively, if you cannot afford Geepee tanks, feel free to look at some of it’s competitors in Nigerian markets like Storex water tanks here which are also durable, strong and long-lasting.

Geepee tank Sizes and Prices in Nigeria 2023

Water tanks are priced and sold in markets according to the volume of liquid they can contain in liters, below is the average wholesale price list of brand new plastic Geepee tanks in Nigeria which are usually used in 2023 for fish farming purposes or as overhead water tanks on the rooftop of Hotels, homes, offices or separately with its stand as seen in churches, commercial buildings, factories etc.

Current Geepee tank Prices

Tank Size Geepee Price
500 litres ₦14,000 – ₦18,500
750 litres ₦19,000 – ₦24,900
1,000 litres ₦25,000 – ₦28,000
1,200 litres ₦25,000 – ₦32,000
1,500 litres ₦34,000 – ₦38,900
2,000 litres ₦41,000 – ₦49,000
2,500 litres ₦45,000 – ₦54,000
3,000 litres ₦55,000 – ₦60,000
4,000 litres ₦61,000 – ₦74,000
5,000 litres ₦75,000 – ₦80,000

However, the price of the second hand or fairly used Geepee tanks will be reasonably lower than the above stated prices. This is because, the amount depends completely on the seller and the negotiation prowess of the buyer. You can checkout our Marketplace vendors above to see cheap deals that are available for sale closest to your locality.

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