The tuberous plant known as Cassava has been a daily food source for Nigerians home and abroad. It is processed and sold in tons as Cassava starch, Chips, Flour, Flakes, Garri, Fufu at wholesale or retail prices from farmers, suppliers, manufacturers to industry producers and other consumers on a daily basis.

In fact, the need for the byproducts of Cassava is endless as an Agro product. Its peel is used in feeding animals or as a fertilizer to enrich crops nutrients. Therefore, investing in a Cassava farms is a very profitable business venture.

Where to buy Cassava in Nigeria

Mature Cassava for sale

Mature Cassava for sale

80 acres of mature Cassava for sale at Imasayi, Ogun State. If you’re interested call or chat me on. Price is ₦35,000 per ton flat r... Contact

₦35,000 | Yewa North, Ogun
High yield cassava tubers

High yield cassava tubers

An high yield cassava produce in a 10 acre of land is available for sale. The starch level @ 24.3. Situated at Ijebu isiwo farm. You come wi... Contact

₦50,000 | Pipeline farm isiwo , Ijebu East, Ogun
Dried Cassava Peels for sale

Dried Cassava Peels for sale

Cassava peels for sale at a cheap price per bag. Location: Abuja and Owerri For more information-call/WhatsApp my number. We deliver nationw... Contact

₦1,200 | Obowo, Imo

Average Cassava prices in Nigeria 2023

Cassava Quantity Prices
Cassava starch per tonne ₦350,500
Cassava flour per ton ₦340,000
Cassava chips 1 tonne ₦65,000
Cassava tubers A ton ₦75,000
Cassava stems Per heap ₦600

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