Soulmate cosmetics is a highly sought-after hair conditioner brand in Nigeria. People buy the products mainly to grow their hair, prevent hair damages and possible skin infections. Not only that, Soul Mate creams have also proven to be a promising after shave remedy for both men and women. It is also packaged in the form of perfumes, glow oils and butters, body lotions and more.

Where to buy Soulmate Hair Cream in Nigeria

Each product is made with quality ingredients that contains rich nutrients. In essence, they help to reinstate the skin or hair to a brighter, healthier and glowing condition.
Even tone body lotion and cream

Even tone body lotion and cream

Even tone body lotion and cream from soulmate industries. It lightens & nourishes your skin. It contains Alpha Arbutin and collagen that... Contact

₦1,600 | Ikeja, Lagos

Price of Soulmate products in Nigeria 2024

Soulmate product Type Price
Hair mayonnaise Olive oil ₦5,000
Hair Conditioner Cream ₦2,000
Weavon conditioning Hair Oil ₦2,500
Hair styling Gel ₦1,800
Soulmate Relaxer Regular ₦2,100
Sulphur Anti Dandruff Medicated ₦1,400
Makeup Remover & Facial cleanser Solution ₦1,400

Soulmate Hair Cream Reviews

In extension its fresh smells will leave you smelling so nice as you consistently apply it daily. Therefore, let us review a list of the different products made by Soul Mate industries in Nigeria so far.

List of Soul Mate Hair and Body Creams

As a complete skincare package, Soulmate has varieties of medicated hair creams, oils and butters to give you that beautiful look you have always wanted.

Soulmate Makeup Removing Solution And Facial Cleanser

This product is specially made for the Neck and Face. It helps to remove dead cells and other impurities from these surfaces while maintaining the skin’s pH balance. The formulation goes to a larger extent to prevent clogged pores and other skin diseases and deformations. The average price of a Soulmate makeup remover and cleanser is ₦1,550 per 200ml.

Soulmate Body Cream

This skin moisturizer contains minerals which help to heal and correct damaged skin due to use beauty products that are harmful to the skin and it is very effective in lightening and fading dark spots. It is in essence a scented, lightening Body Lotion.

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