Damatol medicated hair and skin treatment is an antiseptic cream for growth of hair follicles, reduction of hair damages, prevention of itching, improvement of natural hairline and maintenance of a glowing, oil and brighter hair looks. It can also be applied on dry hair extensions like weaves, braided wigs or dreads etc. On the skin, it prevents and helps to cure skin related diseases or Scalp infections like pimples, eczema, dandruff, ringworm and aftershave rashes.

Where to buy Damatol hair cream in Nigeria

Damatol is a multinational cosmetic company and as such, prices of these hair food products differ by country, gram and type.
Damatol hair cream for sale

Damatol hair cream for sale

Your best Hair cream products from Damatol Medicated Cream for growing hairs and curing pimples, dandruff… place your order in Cartons... Contact

₦3,000 | Alimosho, Lagos

Price of Damatol creams in Nigeria 2024

The average price of a medicated Damatol hair growth, scalp and skin treatment in Nigeria is ₦2,500 naira only in 2024.

Damatol Hair cream price in Nigeria

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