The energy received by Solar panels and stored up as direct current by Batteries are converted to alternating current by Solar Inverters so that home appliances in our houses designed to use AC can be able to function well. That is why you need an inverter and a lot of them exist in every electrical and electronics market you visit in Nigeria.

There are 3 types of Solar Inverter, they are the Grand tie, Stand-alone and the backup inverter battery. There is a question of the capacity needed to power bulbs, Fans, TV, Refrigerators, Air conditioner, Home theater etc in bedroom flat, duplex or mansion without power outages. All that depends on generated power in KVA and its rate of usage.

Where to buy Solar Inverter in Nigeria

Solar Inverter from 1kva - 30kva for sale

We offer you solar and inverter from 1kva to 30kva, we give you payment on delivery and we deliver across Nigeria. See pictures in gallery a... Contact

₦450,000 | Ikeja, Lagos , Nigeria

Kenzack Solar Inverter Installation Services

Solar Inverter is eco-friendly. It is a pollution FREE source of energy. No more carbon monoxide in homes or office sending people to their ... Contact

Negotiate | Somolu, Lagos , Nigeria

iMax10 Solar Inverter for sale

The iMax10 solar Inverter is designed to fully charge the battery under 3 hours with power from the grid and the monocrystalline solar panel... Contact

₦350,000 | Ikeja, Lagos , Nigeria

Pure sinewave inverter universal board files for sale

Puresinewave inverter universal board files for sale Cheap promo price. * Pcb in PDF format and proteus * Video of càlibration * Hex file *... Contact

₦10,000 | Ihiala, Anambra , Nigeria
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