Cheap Houses for Rent in Ajah Lagos

Cheap Houses for rent in Ajah Lagos
Jubilee Bridge Ajah, Lagos

There are things you need to know before renting a flat, apartment or properties in any part of Lagos, Nigeria. With this post, you will get to know how cheap houses are in Ajah and the cheapest routes to securing your desired space within this area.

Let me take you to Ajah in case you have not been to the place before. Ajah is an urban city in Eti-Osa L.G.A of Lagos State. It houses towns like Addo, Ajiwe, Langbasa, Badore and VGC. Its neighborhood include Victoria Island, Lekki phase One, Sangotedo, Lekki phase Two and Epe. Ajah is a popular place to live and it’s inhabited by both the upper-class and middle-class income earners who enjoy the serene environs with their family and friends away from the bustle of Lagos mainland. An interesting part of it is that it has a more steady power supply that will surely amaze you.

Surprisingly, Ajah was once a marshland, which was later transformed into a modern day city with good road networks and notable institutions like the Lagos State Model College Badore, Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University and Victoria Garden City etc. Not only that, the place is home to some Rich and famous Nigerians like Movie, Music industry coupled with TV stars and other public figures who can be sighted in their residence along the Abraham Adesanya road in Ajah.

In as much as demand for apartments in this area is high and costly enough, there are cheap rooms or apartments on distress sale in the property markets you may not know of. There are also rooms, flats for rent with cheaper price tags that you would want to buy too. If you are a realtor or business owner looking for houses to rent, here goes what is obtainable.

Cheap Houses for Rent in Ajah, Lagos

Below is the average cost per year of such available spaces in Ajah with the least price tag for your accommodation, business or storage purposes.

Property Least Price
1 Bedroom Flat ₦250,000
2 Bedroom Flat ₦650,000
3 Bedroom Flat ₦750,000
Single room Self contain ₦130,000
Warehouse per sq meter ₦30,000
Office/Shops ₦360,000
Duplex (4 bedroom detached) ₦2,500,000

The price of other spaces and properties like Face me I face you, Car wash spaces, Restaurants, Church Halls etc are also available but without any fixed prices. You can Whatsapp or Call this agent: 07065776636 or 08165712463 for inquiries.

Things to do before buying a property in Ajah Lagos

There are things you need to know and do before considering making payments for any landed property in Lagos or any other part of Nigeria. Here goes the checklist.

Get it Right with Agents

Choosing the right broker at this early stage determines how much money you are going to spend for the sake of your dream home and since this is Nigeria, it also determines if you will get what you ordered for or not. It is advisable to work with a recognized or registered real estate agent who will act professionally on your behalf to secure spaces for you.

Be sure you pay attention to agency agreement and fees (usually 10%) which are due to all agents in Eko city and beyond. Failure to go with the right middleman may lead to loosing your hard-earned money just like that in most cases.

Tenancy Agreement

Be sure to double check all papers to be signed with respect to the lease terms and duration. Failure to review them religiously will cost you way more and may lead to regrets later on. Where and when necessary especially if you can afford a lawyer, get your legal team involved to help you peruse documents that makes your contract with the landlord binding on both parties.

Look out for subsequent commisions, advance payments or hidden fees to be paid and what may be their justifications to see if you can afford the place or not and whether or not it’s meant for you to stay & thrive.

Basic Amenities

At the Island where Ajah is located, everyone knows there’s a regular supply of electricity, good roads, presence of local markets and relative access to clean water. These basic needs should also be double checked when you are in search of a place to live. During rentals, make sure the estate, compound or yard where you are precisely hunting for has made provisions for all of these.

Look before you leap

Even when you have gone through the paper work, make sure you visit the site or building in question to see things for yourself. First check for defects, be sure all the things promised are present in each space and working fine too.

Ask questions about the rate and extent of flooding in that vicinity. If it is beyond what you can bear with, do not pay oh. Most parts of Lagos Island are prone to flooding so be sure you bring all of these to the table for discussion.

What is the Security situation in that area?

Ask residents how secure lives and properties are in the area so that you will know if you will through an insurance company, obtain a premium for your self, business or family (if any).

The procedures involved in renting an apartment in Lagos has never been an easy one. Starting from separating real agents from mere thieves to getting what you want in a flat, self contain room or duplex. The road is not an easy one but things are way cheaper if you follow these points I have made above duly.


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