Cement is one of the most commonly used building materials in Nigeria mixed alongside sands and stones to achieve different construction needs. Cements are usually packaged and sold per bag by dealers at retail shops or wholesalers at major depots. We have in this store, products from main cement producers in Nigeria being sold by online distributors at cheap prices.

There are different types of cement for sale in markets today used as a binding material, the popular ones are the white cement and the ordinary Portland cement . Their use can be found in concrete, mortar, moulding of blocks, plastering of walls, aesthetics, filling etc

Where to buy Bags of Cement in Nigeria

Wholesale BUA cement for sale

Wholesale BUA cement for sale

BUY BUA CEMENT, 30% Off Every Bags Purchased. ₦2,500 Naira Per Bag Directly From Factory. Delivery Charge Per Bag Is ₦300. Contact Our M... Contact

₦2,500 | Sokoto North, Sokoto , Nigeria

Bag of Cement prices in Nigeria 2023

Cement brand Retail Price Wholesale Price
Dangote cement ₦4,300 ₦2,350,000
Bua cement ₦4,050 ₦2,340,000
UNICEM ₦4,000 ₦2,230,000
Lafarge cement ₦3,950 ₦2,280,000
Ibeto cement ₦4,100 ₦2,175,000

See prices of Dangote Cement and Bua Cement bags in Nigeria 2023.

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