Although White Cement and plaster of Paris (POP) are two different building materials, they are both white in color and play similar aesthetic roles on floors, walls, soffits, ceilings, fascia etc. They are usually sold in 50kg bags, but for construction purposes, they are quantified per square meter.

Where to buy POP White Cement in Nigeria

Premium quality full 40KG POP Cement

Premium quality full 40KG POP Cement

Get your best premium quality full 40KG POP CEMENT. (Ideal for molding and screeding) best price in Lagos… Contact MR Giwa.... Contact

₦3,800 | Lagos Mainland, Lagos , Nigeria
Pop Cement and Fillers for sale

Pop Cement and Fillers for sale

Pop Cement and fillers for screeding and pop interior design, buy in wholesale price call me to order.... Contact

₦4,500 | Lagos Mainland, Lagos , Nigeria
Top brand POP cement for sale

Top brand POP cement for sale

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₦4,700 | Onitsha South, Anambra , Nigeria
Best white POP cement for sale

Best white POP cement for sale

POP CEMENT: 1. Screeding CIVIC/other brand paint (20ltrs): 2,500 per drum 2. ABS/PURITY POP Cement: 4,500 per bag 3. POP Fillers: 1500 per K... Contact

₦4,500 | Surulere, Lagos , Nigeria
POP cement for sale in Lagos

POP cement for sale in Lagos

We sell and supply all sorts of Pop cement, Ceiling materials such as suspended cieling tiles, Suspended cieling grids, Pvc ceiling, Fibre g... Contact

₦6,000 | Mushin, Lagos , Nigeria
POP cement and materials for sale

POP cement and materials for sale


₦5,500 | Benin City, Edo , Nigeria
Extra white POP cement

Extra white POP cement

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Price of White POP Cement in Nigeria 2023

Size types Average Prices
ABS POP cement (40 kg) ₦6,500
JK caramel white cement (25 kg) ₦5,500
Average 1 kg bag ₦650
Small 5 kg bag ₦2,000
Medium 25 kg bags ₦4,800
Big 40 kg bags ₦9,000

POP and White Cement Comparison

POP is made from gypsum while White cements are made from finer clay and limestone mixture, hence the later is stronger. A Popular brand selling them in Nigerian markets is JK Wall putty.

When POP comes in contact with water, it hardens and takes its structured shape. It is used in coating, painting works, construction of false ceilings, sculptures and filling up of holes on uneven surfaces.

The White cement on the other hand is same as its grey counterpart, since both of them are OPC and having high adhesiveness and water-resistant qualities. The only differences is in their colors, manufacturing processes and affordability as the grey ones tend to be cheaper.

In essence, white cements are used for various ornamental works, beautiful precast members and other decorative finishings.

What are POP Fillers?

Pop fillers are materials that are used to fill cavities or voids in a structure or surface. They are typically applied using a putty knife or other tool and may require sanding or smoothing after application. Pop fillers are often used in construction and carpentry, as well as in automotive repair and home improvement projects.

They are often used to repair or restore damaged or worn surfaces, or to improve the appearance of a surface by filling in imperfections. Pop fillers are available in a variety of forms, including putty, paste, and liquid, and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, plaster, and concrete.

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