The kind of Bathtubs we sell in this online market for you bathrooms will thrill you and make your body comfortable during shower and relaxation time in the tub. A comfy bathtub brand like that of Jacuzzi with sophisticated accessories like Massage Jets, Bluetooth, LED lights etc is a close alternative for professional spa services in Nigeria. Depending on your order, you can get a hot tub with thermostat and whirlpool at a cheap price.

Where to buy Bathtub in Nigeria

Luxury bathtubs for sale

Luxury bathtubs for sale

Bathtubs Are Brilliant For Setting The Design Scheme Of Your Bathroom And Never Fail To Bring A Touch Of Elegance to Any Decor . Luxury At I... Contact

Negotiate | Ikeja, Lagos
Free standing bathtubs for sale

Free standing bathtubs for sale

Executive and Free Standing Bathtubs for sale Give your homes, offices etc a luxurious look today! Jacuzzi Bath Tub✅ Mirrors✅ Taps✅ WC... Contact

₦449,999 | Orile Agege, Lagos

Price of Bathtubs in Nigeria 2024

A bathtub is a large, usually rectangular or oval-shaped container that is used for bathing. It is typically made of porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass and is installed in a bathroom. Most of them have a sloping backrest and a drain at one end, and they are often equipped with a faucet or showerhead for running water.

Some of them also have jets that provide a massage effect. Bathtubs can be freestanding or built into a platform or alcove in the wall. They are typically used for soaking, relaxing, and cleansing the body, and they may also be used for hydrotherapy or other therapeutic purposes.

Types of Bathtubs in the market and their prices

Types Average Prices
Fibre bathtubs ₦35,000
Acrylic bathtubs ₦350,000
Ceramic bathtubs ₦370,000
Plastic bathtubs ₦30,000
Free standing bathtubs ₦500,000
Jacuzzi bathtubs ₦400,000
Twyford bathtub ₦240,000

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