We have assorted Floor tiles like Marble, Ceramic, Porcelain, Vitrified, PVC and more from top manufacturering brands in Nigeria. Each sized pack contains 12 pieces of Tiles which are sold in markets per square meter. In essence, they do not only protect floors from water penetration, wear and tear, they also add beauty to living rooms, balcony, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, entrance corridors etc.

Where to buy Floor Tiles in Nigeria

New 60x60 polished floor tiles

New 60x60 polished floor tiles

New arrival, Extraordinary high quality 60×60 porcelain tiles with gold design on the surface. Very durable for luxury sitting room and... Contact

₦3,000 | Abeokuta North, Ogun
Quality Floor Tiles

Quality Floor Tiles

We have quality and affordable Floor tiles for both interior and exterior decorations and designs of you houses. They are long-lasting and b... Contact

₦3,500 | Umuahia North, Abia
Floor Tiles for sale

Floor Tiles for sale

60x120cm floor tiles for sale. FESKINS LIMITED is selling floor tiles to customers at promo price. The more quantity you buy the lesser the ... Contact

₦12,000 | Orile Agege, Lagos
Goodwill 60*60 floor tiles

Goodwill 60*60 floor tiles

New design of our carra white goodwil floor tiles for your project... Contact

₦3,700 | Eleganza plaza Coker , Surulere, Lagos
P.O.P, Screeding and stamped floor

P.O.P, Screeding and stamped floor

The Advantage Engineering is a renowned company that is known for their high performance and and integrity. We are majorly a group of expert... Contact

Negotiate | Kurudu Abuja , Abuja Municipal, Abuja
Ceramic floor tiles for sale

Ceramic floor tiles for sale

Newly arrived materials for sale. Price: N7,000 per sq M Type: A Grade Ceramic floor and wall tiles Make: British Ceramic Tiles Origin: Made... Contact

₦7,000 | Ikeja, Lagos

Floor Tiles in Nigeria

The use of Tiles for wall or as floor finishes in Nigeria is getting advanced as more quality, beautiful and durable materials make it to the market. Although there are other flooring materials like wood, carpets or rugs, tiles tend to be long-lasting, appealing and easy to clean and maintain.

Having decided to polish your house with tiles, make sure you choose the best colors, designs, textures and sizes that suits your tiling purposes in your building project or home renovation. The type you use in each room greatly depends on the functionality of that space. For example, tiles meant for high traffic areas like the living rooms or parlours are meant to be stronger than toilet tiles needing mainly anti slip and water resistance properties.

Prices of Floor tiles in Nigeria

In the local markets, tiles are usually sold per square meter, in cartons, box or sometimes per unit of each size. There are 4 pieces in a 60 x 60 cm carton of tiles, 12 pieces of tiles in that of a 40 x 40 cm and 17 pieces in a 30 x 30 cm carton of tiles in Nigeria.

Tile Size (cm) Price
Ceramic tile 40 – 60 ₦1,800 – ₦7,000
Granite tiles 30 – 60 ₦6,000 – ₦8,500
Vitrified tiles 30 – 60 ₦2,500 – ₦9,000
Goodwill tile 40 – 60 ₦2,500 – ₦6,100
Toilet tiles 30 – 60 ₦1,800 – ₦2,200
Bathroom tiles 25 – 40 ₦1,600 – ₦2,400
Kitchen tiles 25 x 40 ₦1,200 – ₦1,800

Types of Floor Tiles

In Nigeria, there are different types of floor tiles and they include:

Ceramic tiles

This type of tiles are made from sand and clay, hence the name. They are commonly used anywhere as a tiling material due to Its versatility. Surprisingly, ceramic tiles are one of the cheapest floor tiles in online marketplaces right from day one.

Glass tiles

With high stain resistance being a selling point, Glass tiles tend to look more decorative and attractive for use in showers. Nevertheless, it is better used as a wall finishing that a floor finishing material since there is a tendency to chip and crack when you drop an object on it.

Granite tiles

This is a much hard, waterproof tile made with sparkling colors. They do not chip and crack at the slightest puncture and are harder than marble. Granite tiles are in no way cheap as their prices are categorized as one of the most expensive tiling materials.

Vitrified tiles

These are in essence, Ceramic tiles with high water and frost resistance. It is a good alternative to Marble and Granite best situated outdoors due to its lesser porosity and glossy looks. Unlike ceramics, it is made from a mixture of Silica and Clay having finer texture.

Marble tiles

These are expensive natural Stone tiles made under intense heat and pressure and come in various colors with astonishing looks.

Porcelain tiles

Just like vitrified tiles, Porcelain tiles are made from clay but in combination with quartz. Although denser than ceramics, it posseses all the good qualities a good tile should have.

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