If you need a new or used Wheelbarrow for sale anywhere in Nigeria today, our vendors are ready to supply at affordable prices. Wheelbarrows are simple lever, wheel and axle machines used to move materials from one place to another at construction sites, at homes and in farms alongside shovels, rakes, headpans, boots, hoe, cutlass etc.

Contact any of our local sellers in any case that you decide to hire a second hand wheelbarrow instead, know that the size or its load bearing capacity in kg are some of the cost-deciding factors. The most durable wheelbarrows types are those with steel pan and they remain the best equipments for not quick to rust

Where to buy Wheel barrows in Nigeria

Foreign Wheelbarrow for sale

Foreign Wheelbarrow for sale

Buy from us this high quality imported wheelbarrows at affordable prices. It is brand new and can be used for garden supply. It can be used ... Contact

₦27,000 | Iru Victoria Island, Lagos
Affordable wheelbarrows for sale

Affordable wheelbarrows for sale

Wheelbarrow selling at the best rate in Abuja Nigeria, call now let’s talk business... Contact

₦35,000 | Dei Dei, Abuja
Original wheelbarrows for sale

Original wheelbarrows for sale

Carry building materials as you like with fear of damages with our original wheelbarrows. We sell them at affordable prices to you. Our deli... Contact

₦30,000 | Ibeju Lekki, Lagos

Price of Wheel barrows in Nigeria

A wheelbarrow is a useful equipment mainly for moving dead load from on point to another.

Wheel Barrow Price
Heavy duty wheelbarrow ₦30,500
Prestar wheelbarrow ₦25,000
Imported Foreign wheel barrows ₦30,000
Original Nigerian wheel barrow ₦20,000
Wheel barrow Truck ₦29,000

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