To cool off with fresh air in your office, home or factory, you need to install AC from top electronics brand in Nigerian markets like the Panasonic Air conditioners which are sold in this online store at affordable prices. These gadgets come in a range of horsepowers, types, sizes and power rating which goes to determine the sale value of each unit. Below are some of the best manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors in Nigeria.

Where to buy Panasonic AC in Nigeria

Second hand 1.5h Panasonic air conditioner for sale

Panasonic 1.5hp air conditioning Location: Abraham Adesanya, Condition: working perfectly, Colour: off white Size: 1:5hp Price : #70,000 Con... Contact

₦70,000 | Ikeja, Lagos , Nigeria

2 HP Panasonic AC for sale

Item description: 2hp Panasonic Ac 💠Selling for: N120k 💠Condition: Neatly Used( in good condition) 💠Location: Abuja 💠How to purc... Contact

₦120,000 | Bwari, Abuja , Nigeria

1hp Panasonic AC for sale

1hp Panasonic AC for sale, Selling Price: 70k Defect: None Location: Omole estate 1 CALL: to order if you notice any delay in DM. Account de... Contact

₦70,000 | Ikeja, Lagos , Nigeria

2hp Panasonic Air Conditioner for sale

Item Description: 2hp Panasonic AC for sale, Selling Price: 90k Defect: None Location: sadiku ilasa CALL: to order if you notice any delay i... Contact

₦90,000 | Ikeja, Lagos , Nigeria

Price of Panasonic Air Conditioner in Nigeria 2023

The popular electronic brand, Panasonic manufactures air conditioners that are used to cool or heat the air in a room or building according to needs. These ACs come in a range of sizes and styles, including window units, portable units, eco sensors and central air systems, to suit a variety of needs and preferences.

Panasonic air conditioners are known for their energy efficiency, quiet operation, and innovative features such as air purification and humidity control. They are typically easy to install and operate, and are designed to provide comfortable, consistent temperature and air quality free of germs and dusts in a variety of settings. For convenience, the brand has included AC with remote to step up luxury at homes

Panasonic standing AC and their prices

Horsepower Prices
2 HP AC ₦680,000
3 HP ionized AC ₦1.2 million
5 HP AC ₦1.5 million

Panasonic split Air Conditioner and their prices

Horsepower Prices
1 HP AC ₦220,000
1 HP ionized AC ₦255,000
1.5 HP AC ₦260,000
2 HP AC ₦360,000
2.5 HP AC ₦430,000

A typical Panasonic cassette Air Conditioner costs a sum of ₦610,000 in Nigeria 2023

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