If you are in search of a delivery minivan or pickup van, our range of mini buses for sale in this auto store will suit your cargo space. These are small to medium-sized multi purpose types of vehicles with sliding doors, designed to transport goods and passengers in larger numbers just like a typical mini truck. We have tokunbo vans, second hand shuttles and brand new Suzuki buses for you at the cheapest prices you can get from any online auto market anywhere in Nigeria.

Where to buy Mini Bus in Nigeria

Neat Toyota Hiace bus 1999

Neat Toyota Hiace bus 1999

Direct tokunbo Toyota Hiace with sound engine manual transmission.. Kindly call or Whatsapp our office line via 09032537860 for quick respon... Contact

₦850,000 | Sokoto illela borda , Illela, Sokoto
Clean Shuttle Bus for sale

Clean Shuttle Bus for sale

Here goes a fairly used, clean Shuttle Bus for sale. Best for commercial Keke riders who wish to own a portable bus with breaking the bank.... Contact

₦700,000 | Owerri Municipal, Imo
Nigerian Used Toyota Sienna 2000 for sale

Nigerian Used Toyota Sienna 2000 for sale

Clean Nigerian Used Grey Toyota Sienna 2000. Repainted. 3row fabric interior. Sound v6 engine. Ac working fine. Location – Agege, Lago... Contact

₦1,650,000 | Orile Agege, Lagos
Tokunbo Ford E250 Econoline Van 2011

Tokunbo Ford E250 Econoline Van 2011

Foreign Used Super Duty Ford E250 econoline van sale (Tokunbo)... Contact

₦6,000,000 | Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos
Used Toyota bus for sale

Used Toyota bus for sale

Second hand Toyota bus with sound engine and gear for sale. It comes with quality tires for any road finishing.... Contact

₦2,100,000 | Uyo, Akwa Ibom

Price of Mini Vans in Nigeria 2024

Vehicle Price
Direct Tokunbo Mini Pickup Van Available ₦1.9 million
Hyundai Mini Van ₦2.8 million
Six Tyres Toyota Mini Van ₦4.8 million
Mini cooling Van ₦6 million
Toyota Dyna Six Tyres Fuel Powered Mini Van ₦5.4 million
Shuttle Buses ₦1 million
Minivans for Logistics in Lagos ₦3 million

Difference between a Minivan, an SUV, and a Sedan

Just like SUV, Mini Vans are tad wider than a sedan with a higher platform on the road. Here are other major differences.

  • Size: Minivans are typically larger than sedans and smaller than SUVs. Sedans are medium-sized vehicles with four doors and a trunk, and are usually designed for four or five people. SUVs are larger than sedans and minivans, and typically have higher ground clearance and a more rugged appearance.
  • Seating and cargo space: Minivans are designed to carry a lot of people and their belongings, so they usually have seating for at least seven people and a lot of cargo space. SUVs also typically have a lot of cargo space and can seat five to seven people, depending on the size of the vehicle. Sedans, on the other hand, generally have less cargo space and are designed to seat four or five people.
  • Performance: SUVs are generally more capable off-road and in rough terrain due to their higher ground clearance and larger, more powerful engines. Sedans are generally more fuel efficient and have a smoother ride due to their lower profile and smaller engines. Minivans are known for their practicality and fuel efficiency, but they may not perform as well in off-road conditions as SUVs.
  • Style: SUVs and minivans tend to have a more rugged, utilitarian appearance, while sedans are generally more stylish and sleek.

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