There are loads of wet and dry dog food online to feed your pets in Nigeria with, the best are those formulated from a mixture of meat, grains, vegetables, fruits and other food supplements given to enhance the nutritional value of a dog's diet. Although, there are different types of foods available for feeding dogs like the homemade, raw & fresh and commercial dog meals, the canned dog food brands in Nigeria are rather popular among pet breeders today. So make sure you choice of food for these animals is based on their age, breed, size and health status before buying from our online store.

Where to buy Dog Food online in Nigeria

Premium dog food and supplements

Premium dog food and supplements

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Crunchy Kibbles Dog Food

Crunchy Kibbles Dog Food


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Compound food for dogs

Compound food for dogs

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Optimax and Booster Dog Food for sale

Optimax and Booster Dog Food for sale

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Best Dog Food for Fast Growth in 2024

As we pointed out in the beginning, just like humans, there are some foods you shouldn’t give to your dogs even when they would eat. For the wellbeing of these pets, not every food formula, kind and amount in quantity should be served during meal times. The right proportion should have more of protein and less of carbohydrates and other nutrients with very little or no artificial fillers.

There are locally made dog food as well as the imported ones in the country. Whichever you choose, be sure you are buying the product from highly rated manufacturers and brand names that do not have in stock, some harmful ingredients, artificial fillers or the like in their packages. Below is a list of top dog food brands in the country as at today.

Best Dry Dog Food in Nigeria

Dry dog food, also known as kibble, is a type of commercial dog food that comes in a dry, crunchy texture. It is typically made by mixing various ingredients such as meat, grains, vegetables, and fruits together, which are then cooked, dried, and formed into small pellets or pieces.

Dry dog food is a popular choice for many pet owners because it is convenient, easy to store, and often more affordable than other types of dog food. It also has a long shelf life and can be left out for your dog to graze on throughout the day as seen in stores in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt among major cities.

However, it’s important to note that not all dry dog foods are created equal. Some may be high in fillers and low-quality ingredients, while others may be made with high-quality, whole food ingredients that provide optimal nutrition for your dog. It’s always a good idea to read the ingredient label and choose a high-quality dry dog food that meets your dog’s specific nutritional needs.

1. Binggo Dog Food

The brand name known as Binggo dog food is a Nigeria premium dry food brand for dogs of all sizes. It was manufactured to be given without needing extra cooking routine and it has enriching nutrients that improve dog’s health.

This biscuits-like kibble made by UAC foods was formulated with cereal among other nourishing nutrients and it best for the growth of puppies, pregnant or nursing female adults. The average price of 15kg Binggo dog food in Nigeria is ₦19,000 only.

2. Booster Dog Food

Yes, Booster dog food is good for all puppies right from the age of 15 days old. The formula is a treat packed with protein giving nutrients highly recommended for active dogs to take so as to boost their body systems.

As an immune booster, it contains all the necessary chemical and mineral supplements like good Fats, Vitamin A, Spirulina, Probiotic and Antioxidants etc. All of this comes with no additional artificial ingredients. The average price of a 15kg Booster dog food in Nigeria is ₦35,000 only.

3. Petcool dog Food

A lot of pet lovers have a thing for Petcool, the Turkish made dog food that makes for a healthy digestive system. Although imported, Petcool Pro is one of the cheapest adult dog food brands in Nigerian markets today with the cost of a 20kg bag going for the price of ₦30,000.

It is in essence, a balanced dry dog food with meat and grains for energetic adult dogs and cats. On the other hand, there is Petcool junior for puppies and kitten alike.

4. Royal Canin Dog Food

There is a reason why some Vets would always recommend the Royal Canin food for you to give dogs, it is not just because of its affordability, but also because it has these high-quality ingredients guaranteed to nourish the body of your pet and keep them strong and argile for day to day activities.

In fact, in cases where where breeders are unsure of the safest food to give to a sick dog or a particular breed, Royal Canin is always the best choice to administer without risking anything. The average price of 4kg Royal Canin dog food in Nigeria is ₦50,000 only.

5. Diamond Dog Food

This is a lovely dry food brand you would want to see for yourself. It supports dog’s body condition and goes further to enhance their immune system. The average price of a 18.2kg Diamond dog food in Nigeria is ₦39,000 only.

Best Wet Dog Food in Nigeria

Wet dog food, also known as canned dog food, is a type of dog food that is packaged in a can or pouch with a high moisture content. It typically contains a combination of meat, vegetables, and grains or other carbohydrates, along with added vitamins and minerals to meet a dog’s nutritional needs.

Wet dog food is an alternative to dry dog food and may be more palatable for some dogs because of its texture and moisture content. It can also be a good choice for dogs who have difficulty chewing or swallowing dry kibble. Additionally, wet dog food tends to have a higher protein content and lower carbohydrate content than dry dog food.

It’s important to note that wet dog food typically has a shorter shelf life once opened than dry dog food, so it should be refrigerated and used within a few days. It’s also important to choose a high-quality wet dog food that meets your dog’s specific nutritional needs and to consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

6. Dekra Cannef Dog Food

This food is suitable for pets of any age bracket.

7. Jo-Jo dog food

Helps build a better, stronger teeth and bones and helps develop a strong immune system.

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