Best Water Storage Tank and Scaffolding Services in Nigeria

Water Tank stand Scaffolding in Nigeria

If you are living in the urban areas of any Nigerian state, there are chances that the sizable reservoir supplying clean water to your kitchen, toilet and bathroom etc is a product of one or more of the best water storage tank brands in Nigeria. This list of these top manufacturers, companies or brands majoring in wholesale of plastic water containers include Geepee tank, Storex tanks, Supreme tank, Hart tank and Storewell tank.

All plumbing services in your home, offices, factories and other industrial uses are achievable by first installing overheard tanks on the rooftop or with scaffolding platforms designed with concrete or stainless steel to carry litres of water at such heights that send down water under pressure to various utilities. A very good example of these scaffolds are steel towers or iron stanchion usually used to construct an easy to maintain tank stand.

The truth is that these water storage facilities can be achieved with any water tank made of metals
or some plastic materials. In what has become a norm, usage statistics across Nigeria show that plastic water tanks have taken over most homes and offices while those made of metals are largely used in industries today. This is not far from the corrosive tendencies of metals when exposed to water.

Best Water Storage tank brands in Nigeria

Since tanks made of materials like fibreglass, steel, welded carbon etc are not yet peculiar to any known brand, here is a list of the best plastic water storage tanks today in Nigeria.

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Geepee water Tanks

The top manufacturer, also referred to as gp tanks is a well-known company that produces plastic tanks of various sizes for most domestic uses in Nigeria. It has been in business for years with its durable products which are highly sought-after. Checkout our Geepee tanks for sale in our marketplace to order for wholesale or retail supplies directly to your location.

Storex water Tanks

Although the brand name, Storex tanks is closely next to Geepee tanks which seemingly has dominated the construction industry in terms of usage and expensiveness, some house owners still prefer plastic tanks made by the Storex brand because of its long-lasting, strong and unique body qualities. You can also order for your own Storex water tanks here to anywhere in Nigeria.

Supreme water Tanks

As one of the best tanks you can find in the markets, Supreme tanks as a water reservoir brand prides itself in the sales and distribution of high quality tanks sizes of cheap prices which serves same purpose of storing water for later use just like the others.

Hart water Tanks

When you talk about thick-layered water tanks that protects your over head stored water from the harmful UV Ray’s, then you talk about Hart water tank. The tank is one of the best in Nigeria and they come in different sizes in litres. Some of them are integrated with modern indicators that regulates water supply.

Storewell water Tanks

Looking for most durable, most hygienic and pocket friendly water tanks to buy? Storewell tanks should be your choice with its plastic molded containers which are ISO certified, you are good to store water, chemicals and other industrial uses as well.

Tank Stand Scaffolding construction in Nigeria

Tanks need to be installed at a height higher than the point of utility and that’s where tank scaffolding services come into play. You need to hire the best hands to construct your towers or water tank stand that has the capacity to carry the stipulated litres of water meant to efficiently and effectively serve your occupants without facing water scarcity challenges.

For that reason, we handpicked and recommended the following companies to construct your tank stand for both domestic and industrial purposes.

1. Energyray Integrated Services Ltd

Phone contact: 08035408612,
Email address: [email protected]
Lagos office: 3A Allen Lane, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja. They also have a presence in Port Harcourt.

2. Antitrust water tank towers and scaffolding by Essosh Water

Phone contact: 07025001347,
Installation Price is ₦300,000.
Location: Ajah, Lagos.

3. Baamoc Integrated Services Ltd

Phone contact: 08051033807,
Email address: [email protected]
Lagos office: Abule Parapo, Behind Attwool School, Awoyaya, Ibeju-Lekki. They also have a presence in Port Harcourt.

4. Prolifix Enterprises

Phone contact: 08032140286,
Email address: [email protected]
Lagos office: 68,Kajola Street,Obawole Estate,off Iju Ishaga.

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