Stearns and Foster Mattress Prices

Stearns and Foster Mattress Bed Price

The luxury mattress brand, Stearns and foster mattress is a US bedmaker that is exceptional in manufacturing and craftsmanship of high quality beds with a smooth blend of comfort and beauty. The brand has proven to be highly durable, having existed for over 170 years as one of the best mattress brands in the world.

A notable product from this company worth mentioning is Stearns & Foster spring mattress which is made up of intellicoil to provide comfort for different body types. Its interior coil carries the weight of the body evenly to provide the needed support with a strong response rate. The more weight and pressure placed on it while sleeping, the more comfort and support it offers.

The bed’s spring also has a unique cooling external air vent for breathability, so as to avoid excess heat at night. It has Tencel, fondly used in making athletic or gym clothes, aimed at improving its cooling system and to keep moist away. Interestingly, the foam mattress is fully packaged with a carefully designed headboard for back relaxation.

There are different collections of the stearns and foster mattress which come in different sizes, offering a good range of options at different price rates. In this review, we have provided necessary information about them, with their various features and prices. Included in this post are the different qualities and collections, to help you find what may work best for you and within your budget.

Stearns and Foster Mattress Sizes and Prices

Stearns and foster mattresses are quite expensive compared to other brands, but the varieties of the brand’s beds makes the whole package affordable and attractive.
Here is a break down of the brand’s available bed sizes.

Stearns and Foster sizes

The most common sizes in stores and showrooms across the world are;

  • Queen Size: Its queen size is the most common choice for customers. It is more comfortable and recommended for couples or active sleepers who might need a lot of space. It has a dimension of about 59.75” inches width and 79” inches length.
  • King Size: The king size is usually wider than the queen’s, with a dimension of 75.75” inches width and 79” inches length. It is suitable for couples who sleep with their child or a pet, and it requires a spacious room to fit into.
  • Full Size: This one is quite smaller than the other two, with a dimension of 54” inches width and 76” inches length. While couples may still decide to go for a full size, it may be less comfortable compared to the others.

Stearns and Foster Collection

  • Estate Collection: It is classified into Estate Hurston and Estate Rockwell. The former is made up of gel memory foam and the latter, indulge memory foam to support the body and relieve it of pressure.
  • Lux Estate Collection: The lux estate collection has unique features like, intellicoil HD, intellicoil Micro HD and indulge foam HD. It is made of advanced layers and provides a greater level of comfort compared to the basic estate collection.
  • Reserve Collection: The reserve collection has the most unique feature of introducing hybrid pillow tops to improve the sitting support on the mattress. It remains the best layered, with hand tuff and is often described as the highest expression of craftsmanship.

Every collection has its size, and that affects the price range too. The price list of stearns and foster prices provided below, are from online stores and the official website of the brand, Stearns and foster.

Mattress Price
Queen size estate Rockwell collection $1,619
Queen size lux estate collection $2,599
Queen size reserve collection $4,299
King size estate Rockwell collection $2,849
King size lux estate collection $3,649
King size reserve collection $5,049
King size estate Hurston collection $2,549

Ensure you raise your budget slightly above the prices mentioned here, because the prices may differ with stores according to your own location.

Stearns and Foster Bed Accessories

Bed accessories are simply materials that improve comfort on the bed, especially for luxury or hospital beds. These includes, pillowcase, duvet, bed cover and so on.
Stearns and foster beds are thick layered with multiple layers so as to give sleepers the needed support and comfort.

As a result, they equally require thick and wide bed covers to go round the bed. The best recommendation is the 400 TC Mattress pad for Stearns & Foster bed.

The pillows are made of memory foam, soft and cool. They do not necessarily require thick coverings. Check out online stores in the United States for suitable stearns and foster pillow covers.

Duvets and the rest of the accessories do not serve a different purpose for the brand, as all are required to give you that sleeping experience you have been craving for.

Stearns and Foster Review: Pros and Cons

Over the years, customers have given feedbacks on both the downside and the the advantage of using stearns and foster beds. These reviews provide insights on what to expect from their products.

  1. The brand has a long life span and it is backed by a 10 year warranty from the company.
  2. Stearns and foster offer quality products in all of their collections and sizes.
  3. The spring bed is very comfortable and healthy enough for the spine.
  4. Stearns & Foster mattress blend quality and beauty perfectly. They come in various beautiful designs and colors.
  5. The brand is a well known as a luxury brand.


  1. The cost of a stearns and foster mattress is reasonably expensive. Even the least of them, Estate collection, cannot be compared to that of other brands in terms of affordability
  2. Their warranty is not entirely trustworthy. Some customers have reported issues relating to it.
  3. They are not rampant and can hardly be found in physical stores. You can only get them by placing orders through online stores.
  4. Due to the nature of the mattress, it blends with special bed cover and pillow cases.

Best Selling Stearns and Foster Beds

Queen size mattresses are usually the most preferred customer choice, and this is similar with almost every other mattress brand today, you might want to checkout Duxiana mattress.

Queen size reserve mattress are currently the best selling of the stearn and foster brand. They seem to be more outstanding and advanced in craftsmanship. Some of the key features of the collection are:
Gel Memory Foam: This enhances your comfort on the bed, and gives it a cool condition for sleeping.

Tencel: This fabric has ultra cool performance, it is stretch-knit and soft. It is highly efficient in wicking sweat away, and recommended for those who sweat a lot while sleeping.
Air-Vents: The bed has surface air vents for breathability
Nano Comfort Pillow Top: This particular feature solved the issue of sagging beds. This nano coils are placed between the layers of the memory foam for comfort and sound sleep.

While we may not be able to correct certain sleeping postures easily, sleeping on a good bed like that of Stearns and Foster would save you from back and waist pains. The mattress brand is one of the most sought-after mattresses for reasons bothering on comfort and healthy living lifestyle.


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