Shoes and Sandals for Ladies in Nigeria

Ladies Shoes and Sandals in Nigeria

Your footwear is one of the most distinctive features of your outfit, especially when there’s an occasion that requires you to be uniformly dressed. They are essential possessions that compliment your wardrobe. They include shoes, sandals and slippers.

Some ladies assume shoes and sandals can be used interchangeably or randomly on outfits, but being in that league would only earn you a degree in fashion blunder. So, this article guides you through how either of them should be worn, also the latest shoes for ladies, different types of shoe brands, types of sandals for women and interesting facts you did not know about sandals and shoes for ladies.

Types of Ladies Shoes

So many ladies suffer that subtle frustration of going to a shoe store and getting confused on which is the perfect choice. You can solve that by knowing the basic types of shoes and their categories.

Mule shoes

Mule shoes in Nigeria
These set of shoes are identified by having no straps or constraints on the heel. Mule heels are usually open toe, and are currently one of the top trendy shoes. While the flats are closed toe. Mule shoes are semi-formal shoes.

Ankle strapped shoes

Ankle strapped shoes in Nigeria
Ankle strapped shoes simply have straps that are fastened above the ankle. They are also semi-formal, suitable for work, weddings, and other occasions that are not casual.

Platform shoes

Women Platform shoes in Nigeria
They have obvious thick and heavy soles. Platform flat shoes can be semi-formal but platform heels are better off for parties and other fun occasions.

Slingback shoes

Slingback shoes in Nigeria
Slingback shoes have straps that are designed to cross behind the ankle. They are typically formal shoes that are either open or closed toe.

Women Boots

Ladies boots in Nigeria
Boot shoes are protective shoes that cover the feet and also extend above the ankle. They could be either knee or thigh length boot shoes. That is, the covering may extend to the knee or thigh. Boots are also suitable for parties and hangouts.

Brogue shoes

Ladies Brogue shoes in Nigeria
They are leather shoes characterized by decorative perforations and hard soles. Brogue shoes are formal footwear.

Note, all kinds of shoes mentioned here come in different lengths of heels. Either, flat, low heels or high heels.

Types of Ladies Sandals

Sandals are identified as footwear that do not have any solid covering over the feet, except the straps that extend from one side of the sole to the other. Sandals are extremely casual footwear that do not always substitute or pass as shoes while noting that some of its low heels are mistaken as leather slippers.
Here are various types of sandals.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals for ladies in Nigeria
Gladiators are characterized by one or two straps running around the foot to the ankle. These straps may extend to the sandals knee sometimes.

Wedge sandals

Wedge sandals in Nigeria
Wedge sandals are comfortable and healthy footwear which consists of one single element that is slightly raised in height, thick at the heel but thinner near the toes.

Running sandals

Running sandals in Nigeria
Running sandals are light and their soles maintain the same level and length from heel to toe. Although they are very suitable for running, as the name suggests, they also play a good role in fashion.

Leather sandals

Leather sandals in Nigeria
Leather sandal is typically any type of sandal made of leather. They are the most trendy, coming in different styles. Some of them are beautifully decorated with accessories.

Women High Heel Shoes and Sandals

Apart from gladiator sandals, other types of sandals do not have tendencies of coming in high heels. However, a type of heel called “sandal heels” have become a top trend among ladies. They are heels characterized by two straps, meant to hold the feet, one at the toe and the other at the ankle.

The following are the types of heel shoes.


A stiletto heel is named after an Italian dagger. It is thin and about three to five inches high.

Block heel

Block heel is stumpy and square shaped. It is more comfortable than a stiletto, because the weight of the body is not focused only on the front of the feet.

Cone heel

A cone heel takes the shape of a cone. It is broad at the sole and then narrows down to form a triangular shape.

Spool heels

Spool heels take the shape of an hour glass. Wide at the sole, thin at the middle and also wide at the bottom.

Corset heels

Corset heels are similar to gladiator heels but they’re usually made of suede, and the straps are not directly from the sole, they have a little covering for the side of the feet which the straps are attached to.

Women Low Heel Shoes and Sandals 2023

The perfect low heel sandal is the wedge sandal. But there are different types of low heeled shoes.

Cuban heel

A Cuban heel is wide and slightly curved or sometimes slanted.

Kitten heel

Kitten heel is similar to a stilettos. The only difference is the length of the heel is about one to two inches.

Comma heel

As the name suggests, the heel is shaped exactly like a comma. It could curve either inwards or outwards.

Ladies Flat Shoes and Sandals 2023

Sandals are generally flat with thin soles. There are so many types of flat shoes. This may not be an exhaustive list of them, but it covers the available flat shoes for ladies in Nigeria.

Moccasins footwear

Moccasins are made of animal skin. They are soft, warm and protective footwear. They were originally made for indoor use, but currently, there are different styles of moccasins, slightly different from what they used to be, fashioned for outdoor use.

Boat shoes

Boat shoes are made of canvas and leather with a non-marking rubber sole, which gives your feet a firm grip and makes it slip resistant. They were originally made to be worn in a boat.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats were inspired by the lightweight, no heel, rounded toe shoes, designed for ballet dancers.

D’orsay Flat shoes

D’orsay pump shoes are fashioned to reveal the arch or the sides of a woman’s feet. The covering is only provided for the toes and the heel. D’orsay pumps could also come in high or low heels but they are common as flat shoes in Nigeria.

Flat derby shoes

Derby flats are open laced leather shoes, in which the opening for the shoe lace are sewn on the vamp.

Mule flats

Just like mule shoes, mule flats are common footwear with no straps or covering at the heel.

Best 2023 Shoe Brands for Ladies in Nigeria

Different shoe brands have their unique features and qualities, giving you a wider range of options for the perfect shoes.
Here’s a list of the top 10 most prominent shoe brands, in no particular order.

Givenchy footwear

The Givenchy brand is unique for giving a statement of femininity to not just female footwear, but also clothes, accessories and everything the brand produces. It is a French brand.

Zara footwear

Zara is a Spanish fashion brand known for luxury. It is a top international brand for both male and female fashion and accessories. Zara shoes are durable, and have soft, comfy soles.

Nike footwear

Nike is an American brand recognized as one of the best for athletic apparel.

Sergio Rossi

This is another brand known for promoting femininity. Sergio Rossi is an Italian fashion brand that designs sophisticated female footwear, bags and other female fashion accessories.

Prada footwear

Prada is known for diverse fashion wears and accessories. Such as leather hand bags and shoes. It is an Italian brand that speaks luxury.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a British fashion brand. Amongst other fashion accessories, they specialize in producing accessorized shoes for ladies.

Puma footwear

Puma is a competing brand against the Nike brand, in producing athletic apparels. However Puma offers light weight sole and quality footwear at a more affordable price. It is a German brand.

Balenciaga footwear

Balenciaga is a Spanish luxury brand, that is best known for producing high top unisex sneakers.

Adidas footwear

Adidas is a also a German sportswear brand that combines fashion and sports in its unique styles. It is the second largest footwear brand in the world today.


Gucci is the oldest and best selling Italian fashion brand. Recognized for producing quality leather bags, shoes, travel accessories and other fashion items.

Best Female Shoes and Sandals Online for sale

You can find literally any shoe or sandal of your choice online, as long as you know the name. There are so many online stores springing up, especially with the increase in drop shipping these days. Some of the most trusted and recommended online stores are; Amazon, pricedsales, Jumia, jiji, konga and aliexpress

Casual Shoe Types

Casual shoes are everyday shoes you can wear without feeling uncomfortable. They fit perfectly for informal gatherings, family visits or other spontaneous activities.

Flat shoes are versatile and can easily pass for wearing in casual occasions. They are a blend of fashion and comfort. Some low heeled and open toe shoes like mule shoes can also be worn as casual shoes.

Latest Sneakers for Ladies

Sneakers are the best footwear for physical activities, like going to the gym, game nights, picnics and sporty events. Lately, they have really become a real fashion trend. You can smarten up your outfits and still be in style with the latest sneakers for ladies.

  1. Cali dream sneakers, puma
  2. Reebok club C 85
  3. Adidas xlpr
  4. Nike airforce 1
  5. Nike air max 270
  6. Adidas NMD_R1
  7. Triple S Balenciaga
  8. Gucci ace sneakers
  9. Vans old skool core classics
  10. Speed sneakers Balenciaga.

Women Leather Shoe Designs

Leather shoes are highly durable and give room for different types of designs when compared to wooden or other shoe materials. However, the beauty of these designs depend on the type of leather used. The most popular types of leather in Nigeria is Suede, cowhide and patent leather.
Leather shoes design could be;

  • Patent leather with perforations
  • Suede with patent leather
  • Patent leather with accessories (mostly found on heel shoes)
  • Cowhide with floral patterns

Ladies shoes and sandals in Nigeria are very accessible and affordable in open markets and shops either as brand new or the fairly used (Okrika bale) ones. It is important to know that wearing the right choice of shoes to complement your outfit for any given occasion improves your confidence level.

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