Savoir Bed price: a Mattress for quality sleep

Price of Savior mattress bed in the UK

As human body needs sleep to carry out its normal day to day activities, we come back home after each day’s hustle and bustle to relax on a mattress like that of Savoir bed that puts us in the mood to sleep.

These are handcrafted mattresses that give luxury in deep sleep and their manufacturing process involve a lot of extended work hours (from 30 to 120 hours plus) that makes them one of the most expensive beds in human history for the rich and famous. Since they are custom made, they can always be tailored to match a bedroom’s interior design and decoration needs.

Apart from the sale of the Foam itself, the whole package gets more interesting as the House of Savoir offer customers some mouthwatering after-sales services at no extra cost – this is in line with the brand’s core values of making sure its owners enjoy a lifetime of quality sleep.

Cost of Savoir Bed

The bedmaker believes in quality over quantity, hence the lesser than 1,000 pieces of mattresses produced each year.

The beds handcrafted so far are of Five types: No 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4v which are alternatively called The One, The Icon, The Superior, The new Standard and The Reformer respectively. However Savoir bed’s No 2 is the bestseller and the price goes between $20,000 and $49,500 while the price of No 1 ranges from $65,000 to $98,900 for most king or queen purchases.

Savoir mattress price list

Savoir bed Price range
No 1 $70,000 – $500,000
No 2 $25,000 – $150,000
No 3 $18,000 – $70,000
No 4 $15,500 – $26,800
No 4v $12,000 – $21,000

Savoir bed-making journey in the furniture and upholstery industry started since 1905 in The Savoy Hotel when the need for a suitable bed that blends in with the comfort and luxurious life the establishment had to offer.

Nevertheless, the closest match to those bespoke beds are known as No 2 today and they are officially made from the company’s Bedworks in West London and Wales by a team of dedicated Craftsman who make these beds to stand the test of time with natural materials like horse tail, pocket & box springs, canes, high tech cotton, yak hair and walnut or Macassar wood as the case may be. All of these materials and more are specially handcrafted by a craftsperson to give you this weightless float in sleep like you are in the cloud already. That fantastic feeling! Also checkout Stearns and Foster Mattress.

Components of A Savoir Bed

A typical mattress comes with HW Topper, Headboard, Pillowcases, Legs, Fabrics and other Details.

Savoir Headboards

This is a piece of furniture attached to the head of beds. That of Savoir are designed to take a curved, minimal, classic or modern designs usually clothed with leather with plain or button detailing. They are useful for protecting your wall against abrasion and giving you the comfort you need when sitting up in bed.

Savoir Fabrics

The good thing here is that you can choose from an endless list of the kind and texture of the fabric you want for your order. You can speak to any of Savoir bed showroom consultants based on your custom need for personalized integration with popular materials like linen, silk, cotton or leather and more.

Savior Legs

The are four in number and are there to protect the finishing of your floor against scratches and also to give the mattress a reasonable height and beautiful looks. Savior mattress legs come with rosewood or metals legs. It can also be tailored to your needs.

Latest Update: Savoir bed has launched it’s rounded bed called The Three Sixty which rotates 360 degrees which has been enhanced with an app (as set) as you dose off in sleep.

Although Savoir beds are guaranteed to last for up to 20 years or more, its durability all depends on usage. For sales and inquiries, Savior beds has about 15 showrooms in places like New York, London, Hong Kong and Paris. You can also call: +44 (0)208 8384838 or email: [email protected] for quicker replies. It’s head office is located at 1 Old Oak Lane, London, NW10 6UD, United Kingdom.


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