Biggest Roofing company Contractors in Canada

Roofing Contractors in Canada

Choosing the best roofing company for your construction needs in Canada sometimes may be a daunting task because the industry is filled with many contractors and one may become overwhelmed as to which one of them to hire so as to accomplish the intended result for a project.

The good news is that there are qualities to look out for in any given firm so that you don’t hire the wrong roofing contractor for your roof installation, Renovation or minor repair works. This is because most of the biggest roofing companies in different provinces are specialized in one craft or the other.

First of all, there are different roof types in Canada, they include: Tile & Slate roofs, Wood & Cedar shakes roofs, Rubber roofs, Metal roofs, Asphalt roofs and Tile & Slate roofs. The most popular being houses built with Asphalt shingles now reinforced with Fibre glass materials for durability, making this material one of the cheapest roofing sheets in the industry.

There are basically two kinds of roofs

  • Steep slope roofs
  • Low slope roofs

Steep sloped roofs: This is otherwise called the piched roof and it is mostly constructed with roofing materials that can’t hold water for too long without side effects. A very good example of such materials are shingles or Thatched materials that are fixed in bits of layers.

Low sloped roofs:ย  This is also known as flat roofs and materials used in it’s construction are those that can retain a bit of water without shortening its lifespan. This is usually achieved through Membrane roofing.

Roofing contractors in Canada

Normally, the guaranteed lifespan of a typical roof is 15 – 30, you wouldn’t want to hire a contractor that will give you anything less while using the best of materials. In that case, here is a list of the biggest professional roofers in Canada from Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary to Toronto etc who are majoring in both commercial and residential homes roof maintenance, repairs, renovations and roof accessories installation like skylights, flashing, metal ceilings, ductwork and capping installation, .

1. Flynn Canada Ltd.

Flynn is a roof contracting company that started in Winnipeg in the year 1978. It continued to offer great, exceptional value to its clients in the country which resulted in widespread acceptance of the firm as a top-notch commercial roof contractor in Canada.

Currently, Flynn is not just one of the biggest roofing companies in Canada, but also in North American as a whole where it has about 35 offices in total to its name. A look into their portfolio reveals that Flynn has over 6,000 workers in its payroll with lots of high-profiled clients. This is evident in Flynn’s annual revenue which records a whopping sum of $650 million every year.

The services provided by this contractor include: Metal paneling, Contract glazing, Curtain wall and a range of other roofing services. For urgent repairs and inquiries, call ๐Ÿ“ž1-877-856-8566

2. Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc.

This contractor was first founded in 1928 as Atlas roofing and in 1968, it merged with Apex to form Atlas-Apex in 1993, making it one of the oldest amongst all. The company has so advanced to becoming customer’s favorite. As to date, Atlas-Apex has attended to over 58,594 fulfilled clients across the length and breadth of Canada with its pool of experience.

The Canadian construction company employs a digital arm to enhance accuracy and accountability of workmanship. Provides clients with $50 million worth of liability insurance coverage guarantee, thereby playing a leading role in customer health and safety in the industry.

Apart from the traditional roofing solutions provided by competitors, Atlas-Apex also provides a wide range of waterproofing and green services which grows as the industry evolves. They include Solar panels, Coatings, Lightweight insulating concrete, Roof restoration systems and Vegetative roofing systems. Since inadequate maintenance results in shorter lifespans, the company goes a step further to provide maintenance plans to maximize a roofโ€™s service life properly. To reach them, call ๐Ÿ“ž1-877-221-ROOF(7663)

3. Bothwell-Accurate Co. Ltd.

This company has been in business since 1927. Bothwell is a large roofing company engaged in nationwide execution of state-of-the-art projects. It is one of the oldest and biggest construction firms in Canada with over 400+ staff in its employment.

It has a dedicated team of experienced professional ready for any roof design, planning and execution in its industrial, commercial and institutional projects in British Columbia and Ontario. It boasts of over 60,000 successfully completed jobs, a figure that befits it’s age.

The contractor’s engagement in roofing services range from Waterproofing, architectural metal to other roofing projects. Whatever your need may be, Bothwell proffesionals will work hand in hand with clients to find a suiting budget for them. Choosing Bothwell for your next roof project attracts assurance of workmanship warranties from CRA OIRCA, RCABCโ€™s RoofStar Guarantee etc. For emergency call line: ๐Ÿ“ž1.800.762.9682

4. Nedlaw Roofing Limited

This is an Ontario-based roofer and provider of other building services. Their journey into the construction industry started back in 1988 and since then, the Ontario commercial roofing industry has witnessed a customer-driven way of problem-solving using the highest safety protocols and market-leading techniques & systems.

The services provided include: Roof replacement, Flat roofing, New construction and repairs of Living roofs and walls. The category of projects executed so far include Offices, Distribution, Government, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Multi-residential sectors. For sales and inquiries, call them on ๐Ÿ“žT: (519) 648-2218, F: (519) 648-3508

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5. Flat Roofers Inc

Flat Roofers are experts in roof construction, emergency repairs, inspection, report and retrofitting services in Canada. The company’s business reach covers the whole of the country from Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary to anywhere else including the rural and urban areas. In fact the roof contractor is a bonafide member of Duro-Lastโ€™s accredited Admirals Club and as an experienced team of roofing professionals, they offer affordable roofing services on any kind of roof, be it commercial or residential building. A good take away is that the company can provide a 20 year warranty on retrofitted roofs.

For sales and inquiries, you can contact F.R with ๐Ÿ“ž1-800-307-3719

6. Canada Standard Roofing

Although Canada Standard Roofing services are currently limited to home owners and developers in Toronto and the GTA, they are a team of experienced professionals specialized in commercial and residential roof eavestrough, sidings, fascia, gutter, and soffit installation and repairs. They also engage in flat roof construction, shingles repairs and other roofing services in Toronto.

In CRS, you have a team of certified bonded and licensed roofers that can give you quality workmanship on every of your roof project while maintaining unbeatable standards in actualizing your needs on site.
For estimates, inquiries call them: ๐Ÿ“ž647-572-4212

In conclusion, having given you a list of the top biggest roofing contractors in Canada, one might begin to ask which one of them is the best, which do we recommend and which company is the most expensive or the cheapest.

Due to the nature of the industry and because no two projects are the same, finding a yardstick for measuring these qualities becomes difficult. Therefore, our verdict is that the 6 above are good to go for any Roofing project you can think of in Canada and beyond.


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