Best Online Shoe Stores in Nigeria 2023

Online shoe stores in Nigeria
Unisex Sneakers in Store

With the growth of e-commerce activities today on the internet, making orders for new shoes, clothes and other fashion accessories have become easier since the advent of shopping platforms commonly known as online stores in Nigeria. This has made a lot of Nigerian retail outlets, manufacturers, wholesalers and Suppliers to leverage the digital space so as to engage meaningfully with customers and make more profit.

Interestingly, there are a lot of online shops like Amazon in Nigeria to choose from, so one might get overwhelmed as to which one of them is best to go for. While a handful of these stores sell just about anything fashion, some are dedicated to certain footwear, brands or types like: sneaker shoes, high heels, flat shoes, luxury designer shoes, Men’s shoes, Mules, Women shoes, Brogues shoes etc.

Before you set out looking for where to buy shoes at very cheap prices, know that a long-lasting quality shoe costs money depending on the seller. If you really need a discounted price so as to pay less, you can buy from stores offering discounts, doing free giveaways or promotional sales like Black Fridays deals. In that case, we have prepared a list of the top online shoe stores where you can go make payments and receive your package within the delivery (shipping) time frame.

Online footwear Stores to buy cheap Shoes in Nigeria

The following websites are favorite places where you can buy latest 2024 shoes in Nigeria without risking your money. They are tested and trusted by thousands of Nigerians living in Lagos, Abuja, Benin City, Port Harcourt and other cities and states across the country.
What actually differentiates them from other marketplaces you may know is that they are stores in that they accept direct online payments from credit cards, PayPal, debit cards or any other.

1. Shoelayers Nigeria

Here goes a highly-rated retail mall in Nigeria named Shoelayers. It deals on anything men and women fashion and accessories. When visiting anyone of Shoelayer’s online or offline stores, be ready to embrace assorted products sourced from global brand and dealers of designer shoes, luxury clothes, mules, belts, bags etc on the store – no matter your size, it’s available for sale.

The line was established in 2013 by Finocity Ltd with the sole aim of providing Nigerians with a feel world-class products. It promises among others secure payment methods, unbeatable prices to save money and a faster shipping.

Shop Address: F16, First Floor, Lagos City Mall, Onikan, Lagos State.

2. Shoe Place Nigeria

Men's shoe stores in Nigeria
Although Shoe place is rather reserved for shopping all sorts of Shoes for men, it is one of the best footwear brands in Nigeria as at today. It features a wide variety of shoe kinds from Sneakers & Trainers, Suede Drivers, Loafers & Moccasins, Leather half shoes, Monk Strap etc.

Shoe Place was launched in January 2019, it has a showroom in Port Harcourt for easy perusal of its catalogue and for a convenient shopping experience online and offline. the company offers for sale a pack of original and affordable boots, sandals, sneakers and shoes in general.

With a 7 day period for return policy for purchased goods if need be, the company promises to be trustworthy.

3. Shoepify Store Nigeria

Women shoe store in Nigeria
Just like Shoeplace above, Shoepify is on the other hand dedicated to females only, the store in essence sells shoes for ladies. It has in stock virtually everything women fashion from handbags to purses, jewelries, hats, sunglasses etc.

No doubts, the fashion line also known as Shoepify answers to all women fashion needs with finest and unique products that does not just have affordable price tags, but are of quality too.

This company offers a 5-day return policy starting from the very day the package landed on your doorstep. Unfortunately, cash refunds are not given but are transformed into equivalent gift voucher for future shopping – nothing is lost. On the other hand, shipping products takes 1 – 5 business days to get delivered.

4. Jumia Mall Nigeria

The online app known as Jumia is currently one of the major flag bearers of e-commerce businesses in Nigeria. The store is so big that there’s no item usable in a typical home that you wouldn’t see on Jumia. At the same time, irrespective of your pocket size, you will see that product which you can afford.

Jumia is an accumulation of products from various brick and mortar brands across Nigeria. It is secure and trusted by many for sale of electronics, health & beauty, home appliances and fashion products which you are at the liberty to return after 15 days of purchase just in case the product served below your expectation. It also offers free delivery within Lagos and other popular cities.

It became operational in 2012 and has since spread to other African countries like Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Morocco etc.

5. Onitshamarket shop

The online shoe shopping platform owned by Internet Onitshamarketing Ltd is a one-stop-shop for online buying and selling in Nigeria. From its base in Anambra,
Onitshamarket aims to connect various buyers and sellers of goods across the country to more trading opportunities. The good news here is that this marketplace will open more windows for competitive deals that will end up bringing the prices down.

The Onitsha Market promises to deliver your shoe orders within 1 – 3 days of purchase.

6. Konga shop

Konga is an e-commerce retail company that is based in Gbagada, Lagos State. The general merchandise store was founded in 2012 by Konga Holdings. It is a close competitor of Jumia and sells Shoes as well. The standard delivery time frame for goods bought on Konga is within 7 working days.

Konga’s delivery policy is strict and vendors follow it that way too. Payments on Money back are processed within 24 to 48 hours and if claims are adjudged true, items are replaced or refunded fully.

7. Obeezi Online Mall

Obeezi is a full-blown fashion mall well known by an average fashionista in Nigeria for controlling a major market share in men and women shoe deliveries across the country.

Like most top shops, it has among other enticing packages, some cool Awoof sales for dedicated customers. The store was launched in 2014 by Mathias Abraham with headquarters in Yaba, Lagos State. Obeezi like other offer risk free transactions – money back guarantees just in case you aren’t satisfied with the product you received.

8. Ajebomarket shoes

Here goes Ajebomarket fashion store in Lagos selling shoes and other beauty accessories including sports wears. Imagine where you can make orders for your wedding shoes and get them delivered at the right time with disappointment? Ajebomarket offers that kind of shop from home comfort.

9. Kubona shoes

It is on Kubona that you will get premium luxury shoes of your choice and get to benefit from the pool of good customer service experience that this fashion products retailer offers. Like Tuscany, Kubona sells leather shoes and sandals and it’s owned by Thebagshop, a company dedicated to fashion accessories only.

10. Trushoe Lagos

Trushoe is a footwear store in Lagos you would really like to check out. It features men and women shoe catalog with affordable price tags. Everything footwear, from flat to high heels, you shall find them all for sale at Trushoe

Having given you a list of top 10 online shoe stores today in Nigeria 2024, start shopping right away and let us know what you lr experience with anyone of these stores is like. Thanks for reading.

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