In Nigeria, instant access to clean water has become easier with the advent of Water Dispensers. Included in a typical system is a reservoir, sealed refrigerator and a thermally-insulated tank for cooling and boiling water respectively. The end product of the boiling process is either a cold, warm or very hot water which is healthy and fit for drinking.

These Water Dispensers or Chillers are powered by electricity and can be installed in your Kitchen countertops, bedroom or even living room. Through an outlet tap, a cup of water can be collected to make tea, coffee or for other uses. There are easy to use and maintain Dispensers out there that you can buy from, and they include those from CWAY, LG, Qasa, AKAI, Haier Thermocool, Eurosonic, Polystar etc.

Price list of Water Dispensers in Nigeria

Maxi Water Dispenser for sale

Keep yourself hydrated with the Maxi Water Dispenser. Offering hot, cold, and neutral water, it is energy efficient, durable, and a perfect ... Contact

0.00 | Ikeja, Lagos , Nigeria

Fairly used Water Dispenser for sale

Second hand Water dispenser for sale at Avery affordable price, working perfectly in good condition. Location is Elepe, Ikorodu.... Contact

₦19,000 | Ikorodu, Lagos , Nigeria
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