The fish farming business in Nigeria is indeed lucrative and its profitability largely depends on the type and amount of fish feed needed to grow a mature aquatic animal be it catfish, tilapia, salmon or carp from fingerlings to juvenile stages of their lives. The amount of floating feed you need to raise a 1kg fish in your farm is weighted in grams and an average of 700 grams would be needed to become an adult fish in the post-juvenile stage just after feeding them coppens pellets with sizes from 0.2 to 0.9 mm.

Where to buy bags of Fish Feed in Nigeria

Wholesale Fish meal and additives

Wholesale Fish meal and additives

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Negotiate | Badagry, Lagos
15kg bag of fish feed for sale

15kg bag of fish feed for sale

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Cheap floating fish feed for sale

Cheap floating fish feed for sale

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Cost of Fish Feed per kg in Nigeria 2023

Fish feed is a specialized food product that is designed to meet the nutritional requirements of fish that are being raised in aquaculture operations or kept in aquariums. Fish feed is typically composed of a mix of plant and animal ingredients, and may also contain vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to ensure that the fish receive a balanced diet.

The composition of fish feed can vary depending on the species of fish being fed and the stage of their life cycle. For example, fish fry require a different balance of nutrients than adult fish, and some species of fish require more protein in their diet than others.

There are several types of fish feed available on the market, including pellets, flakes, and frozen or freeze-dried foods. Pellets are the most commonly used form of fish feed, and they can be formulated to sink or float depending on the feeding habits of the fish.

In addition to meeting the nutritional needs of the fish, fish feed must also be cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. This has led to the development of alternative ingredients for fish feed, such as plant-based proteins, oils and maggots, as well as the use of novel processing methods to increase the efficiency of feed production.

Best fish feed brands in Nigeria

Feed Size (mm) Prices
Coppens 0.1 – 0.9 ₦11,000
Blue Crown Feed 0.1 – 9 ₦12,500
Top Feed 1 – 9 ₦8,000
Zeigler Feed 1 – 9 ₦13,500
Skretting Feed 1 – 9 ₦12,000
Aler Aqua Feed 1 – 9 ₦13,000
Ace Feed 1 – 9 ₦7,500

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