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Boer And Kalahari Hybrid Goats for sale at Affordable Prices

We have both the Male and Female Kalahari and Boer hybrid red goats available for sale. Well fed, strong and healthy, treated with good medication. For more information please contact Idris Livestocks for enquiry (Or) Visit

Address: No’ 13 Abarura Street Illela Sokoto, Sokoto State, Nigeria.

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Americans who visited pioneer breeder Mr Jordaan in 1994 and others who met Louis van Rensburg on his visit to America, liked the goats and encouraged them to produce brown goats. These efforts culminated with the formation of the Kalahari red Breederโ€™s association in 1999. Starting with only a few brown goats, farmers like Tollie Jardaan rose to dominate world goat shows for several years and won several prices in the process. The Kalahari an boer goats were selected for fecundity, mothering ability, hardiness, adaptability and uniform colouring, your interest on livestocks is our aim… thanks for your patronage.

Sokoto North, Sokoto