Contact us for good quality and early maturing hybrid plants such as: plantain and banana sucker dwarf pawpaw seed and seedling sweet orange,grape,lisbon and indian lemon, lime, tangerlo, shaddock grafted mango seedling jumbo guava seed and seedling cashew seedling oilpalm seedling (tenera) supergene oilpalm seedling dwarf and hybrid coconut seedling soursop seed and seedling pinapple sucker cocoa seedling passion fruit seed and seedling african walnut seedling irvingia gabonensis (oro) seedling irvingia wombulu (ogbono) seedling avocado seedling sugar apple seedling bell apple seedling bread fruit seedling ( nut and yam type) noni plant seedling bombay seedling cocoa seedling colanut seedling moringa seedling aloevera sucker ugu seedling jack fruit seedling cocoyam sucker cassava cuttings maize seed yam set contact: “damades global resources” @ no3, sangodare close behind ibadan city poly, ebenezary ibadan

Ibadan South East, Oyo