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Sony PS2 Slim Console + 2 Controllers + 20 Downloaded Games, buy from us.


The best-selling game console ever, Sony’s PlayStation 2 continues to provide gaming excitement. Now in its 8th year of production it has an available library of over 1500 titles ranging from Grand Theft Auto and Backyard Baseball to the upcoming Star Wars:

The Force Unleashed to offer an expanding variety of gaming challenges to appeal to anyone’s tastes. Take control of your games with the DualShock controller with its analog face and shoulder buttons, twin thumbsticks and dual feedback vibration motors.

Expand your video playground beyond the living room with online multiplayer gaming where you can connect with gamers worldwide. Connect via the internal modem port or use the integrated Ethernet port to connect via broadband. Go beyond gaming and watch DVD videos or listen to CD’s with the onboard media drive. Digital surround sound wraps you in the audio – whether you’re in a game or playing movies and music.

Key Features

*Super slim -Latest model of ps2 series.*built-in networking/modem parts & remote sensor.
*has 2 sony dualshock 2 controllers and 8mb memory card.*Huge library of games and features 2 USB Port and memory card slots*built-in support for online games in form of 56kbpz modem jack and an ethernet port.*High definition DVD Drive -doulble as cd/dvd player

What’s in the box

Ps2 slim console -1pcs* Dualshock 2 controller pad- 2pcs* 8mb memory card* User guide & welcome pack-1pcs* HDR AV wire – 1pcs* Power Cable- 1pcs.

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