₦130,000 Call phone

You buy ogbono for 130k and let me assume your destination is far, you pay transportation for 7k,

You go pick up from park, let me also assume, your transport to park is 3k

Making the landing cost 140k

A paint of ogbono is 11k to 15k, what I send to you is sold for 15k per paint

But let calculate with 11k

A bag of Ogbono contains 20 paints

Therefore, 11,000×20= 220,000,
220,000-140,000(capital, both goods, weighbill and transport you spend in pick up) = 80k

So, you’re having a profit of 80,000 from just a bag of ogbono if you sell at 11k

Sell at 15k and get profit of 160k

Therefore, in a bag, you get a minimum of 80k as profit or 160k and above as maximum,

You see why my customers sell off immediately and come back,

Even a student in Jos, said he borrowed to get a bag and he will send money for more before this weekend

Come inbox with your money now, 130k,

If you buy upto 5 bags, I will give you good discount, plus 1 paint free,

Yes, I’m that good,

You win, I win, that’s the rule of business, the buyer and seller rule

Lagos Mainland, Lagos