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Best Coal Pot
SMOKELESS CHARCOAL STOVE FOR ALL HOMES from Jikokoa, Envirofit and Ecozoom.
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Big Size — #12,000
Medium Size — #10,000
Small Size — #8,000

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save money from buying gas all the time
🔥Can be used Right inside the kitchen.
🔥Faster and is very affordable.
🔥Cooking with ease and low cost…
🔥50% reduction in smoke and toxic emission.
🔥Cool all meal under short time.
🔥60% improvement in cooking efficiency.
🔥Keeps your pot sparkling clean,
🔥no more fear of gas explosions.
🔥Roast, Bake, fry your foods and
🔥cook your delicious beans
No smoke….. no dust at all….
This is always your rescue when your gas finishes…..
Well, this is a Clean Smokeless Charcoal Stove.

☘️It is stainless to your pots.
☘️It consumes less Charcoal.
☘️It saves you cost on cooking.
☘️Perfect for your elderly mothers and Wives
☘️Nice one for those in villages.
☘️Good for Students too, in their kitchens.

Ikeja, Lagos