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Foreign Breed Goats Price List Update

We sell hybrid goats for new breeders
Kalahari red and boar with savanna goats are south African breeds that also serves as meat to human consumption with vaccinated poultry farming medications for goat rearing you can have a profitable goat poultry farming pen For more information about the goat rearing business //

25k for 3month old 3colony
Big ram 45k
Kalahari red breeds , savanna breed and boar price list
Big female Kalahari red goat 40k
Big female boar 40k
Male and kahalari and boar 35k

For the 3month old Kalahari red goat and boar goat 3colony 25k
We also have matured ones for eating we all so have local goat breeds as well Kalahari red goat boar are available for sale please contact for more require on this mobile phone number 07014474211 also WhatsApp

Ikeja, Lagos