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The JikokoaTM is the world’s most advanced, fuel-efficient, and affordable charcoal stove. Developed by a team of Engineers and Designers in the USA, the Jikokoa stove cooks twice as fast with half the charcoal. Our advanced design uses a high-efficiency combustion chamber, light-weight ceramic insulation, and cool-touch handles to create a faster cooking, cleaner burning, safer and more economical jiko. The Jikokoa reduces the amount of charcoal used by 60% and reduces smoke and harmful emissions by more than 60%.


Modern Economy Charcoal Stove

50% faster to light

60% charcoal saving per meal

65% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions

63% reduction in smoke particulates

The stove has all the attributes, design, pricing that gives the right package for Customers.

High-temp, lightweight ceramic insulation is designed to withstand 1300°C and keep your stove cool to the touch.

The economic handles are designed for ease and won’t overheat.


Jikokoa classic: #23,000


Jikokoa Xtra: #35,000


Jikokoa pro: #45,000


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