(08105824009)The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), is dedicated to serve Nigerians and all its citizens in the ongoing sales of impounded vehicles through out the 36 states. Vehicles are to be properly registered to avoid any breaking of laws that govern car sales in Nigeria. If you intend to own a car, now is the opportunity for you because these vehicles are now officially owned by the federal government in order to mitigate against all or any smuggling act of bringing cars into the country. ……. (08105824009) CALL FOR AVAILABLE IMPOUNDED VEHICLES FOR SALE… THANKS FOR YOUR PATRONAGE…… HOW TO MAKE PURCHASE You can come to the warehouse for inspection of vehicle of your interest in due processes. *We can also deliver to you right to your doorstep. Please note; recruitment and replacement form is out interested applicants should quickly contact the sales officer. Note all brands of Bags of Rice also available at the Rate of 11,000 per bag..Gino oil for 7,000 *Proper documentation must be done on the vehicle(s) before it can be released out of the warehouse. *The warehouse is not a market place to just come in at anytime, but its process will also be considered vital for grant of invitation. Anyone coming for inspection should request for the inspection form.(08105824009)

Apapa, Lagos