Human Hair Wigs and Weave Styles in Nigeria

Styles of human hair Wigs and Weaves in Nigeria

Now that wearing hair extensions have become a top fashion trend, there’s a renewed rush among ladies to own a human hair wig. It almost feels like having a few of the latest weaves these days qualify one to be identified as a classic woman or a fashionista.

That may sound a little extreme, but the fact is, human hair wigs are worth every hype and they speak volume of class and sophistication of females in not just Africa, but the rest of the world.

This article gives you an exhaustive knowledge of different styles of human wigs and weave in Nigeria, and typically every relevant information about hair extensions that you need.

What are Hair Extensions?

As the name suggests, hair extensions are artificial synthetic or human hair attached to the natural hair to give it more volume and lengths. Sometimes, you may want to imitate a hairstyle from your favorite celebrity, hair extensions work the magic. They can help you alter the appearance of your hair color without necessarily dyeing your hair, they also give you the liberty to try out different looks, styles and cover a bad hair cut.

Types of Hair Extensions: Wigs and Weaves

Hair extensions basically refer to wigs and weaves. However, different types of hair extension methods are more likely to pop up whenever you go in search for a more detailed analysis regarding these makeup products, and they are:

  1. Clip-in Hair Extensions – Clip-in hair extension method is one in which wefts of hair are installed by attaching small clips at the tip of the the hair to your natural hair. It is by far the easiest and less stressful method ever seen.
  2. Tape-in Hair Extensions – Here, the tip of the hair wefts are taped in with medical adhesive glue.
  3. Sew-in Hair Extensions – Sew-in hair extension method is the most common method in Nigeria. It is achieved by braiding the natural hair into cornrows, and sewing the extensions into the cornrows with a needle and thread.
  4. Pre-bonded Hair Extensions – This method is popularly known as bonding. The hair wefts come with keratin glue at the tip, so it is attached by melting the glue into different sections of the natural hair using heat.
  5. Micro-link Hair Extensions – Micro-links or micro rings refer to a method that uses silicone beads to attach extensions to the hair, by clamping the beads into the hair with a plier.

What is a Wig?

A wig is simply an artificial covering for the head made from either synthetic fibre, animal hair or human hair. It can be regarded as a hair accessory worn for adornment or to cover a bald head. A wig is usually attached to a small light weight cap that covers the full scalp, which makes it possible to be removed and worn and at any time.

Types Of Wigs with pictures

Wigs are easy to wear and take off compared to braids that may demand hours of your time. Consider the following types of human hair wigs as the best choices.

Virgin Hair Wigs

Virgin wig style

Virgin hair wigs have a kinky look, color and feels like a natural hair. This is because they do not undergo any chemical process like bleaching or blow drying.

Bone Straight Wigs

Human hair Bone straight wig

Bone straight wigs are trendy and very fashionable. The name bone straight hair is derived from a natural human bone which is very straight and doesn’t lose its straightness attributes no matter how much it is twisted. Bone straight wigs are identified by sleek, scanty, non-tangle and straight hairs, fastened from wefts to bottom.

Braided Wigs

Human hair Braided wig

As the name suggests, braided wigs come in various kinds of braids. Ranging from, nut-less braids, box braids and twists to ghana weaving and cornrows, as much as other types of fashionable wigs. Sometimes, you just want to look more natural carrying braids, but the thought of sitting for hours sound discouraging. You can easily settle for braided wigs in that situation and achieve your desired look.

Afro Wigs

Human hair Afro wig

Afro Wigs are short, full and rounded wigs that try to mimic your natural or virgin hair looks.

Frontal Wigs

Human hair Frontal wig

A frontal wig is one in which the front part of the wig is sewn into a lace (known as the frontal), to cover the front head line position, from ear to ear. Some types of wigs like bone straight and braided wigs, can be easily given frontals. Frontals also make it easy to style your wig in different ways, and your edges creatively.

Closure Wigs

Human hair Closure wig styles

Closure wigs are simply wigs that have a lace material attached to them, to make middle or side partings easier to achieve. Closures can also be attached to some other types of wigs.

The major difference between frontals and closure is that frontals cover a wide range of the head, which gives the wig some level of versatility when compared to closures. However, both are available in different colors or can be dyed to match your skin tone, and intended to make the wigs look like natural hair growing or braided on your scalp.

Types of Wigs by Material

In this category, there a four major types of wigs

  • Polyurethane – Polyurethane is a skin-like material used to make thin and colored base wigs. It gives room for tapes and adhesive glues. This, combined with the color at a base, gives it a long lasting potential.
  • Open Weft Units – Open weft units leave little spaces for ventilation, while the other sides are constructed with hair wefts.
  • Mesh Units – This refers to a monofilament material in which the wig is hand tied to the base. This monofilament is usually polyester or nylon mesh.
  • Combo – Combo simply means a combination of a machine-made back and sides, with a hand-tied top on a monofilament material.

What is a Weave?

A weave is also a hair covering of the same texture as a wig, fitted into the hair by sewing, taping or any other method. It requires help from a professional hairdresser to be installed and also during removal. A weave is basically used by women alone, not girls.

Types of Weaves with pictures

Weaves are more pocket friendly (cheaper) compared to wigs, and you also get to spend lesser hours at the salon. Here are different styles of weaves you should consider.

Short Weave Hairstyles

Short weave hairstyles

Short weaves are the go-to options for ladies who do not want to stress too much brushing or combing a long weave. They are simple and edgy.

Curly Weave Hairstyles

Curly weave hairstyles

Curly weaves are beautifully wavy patterned from top to bottom.

Long Weave Hairstyles

Long Weave hairstyles

Long hairs are the trend and they speak volumes of femininity. If you do not have a long hair, you definitely have no need to feel bad anymore. Long weaves are your best bet to achieving that.

Monochromatic Weave Hairstyles

Monochromatic weave hairstyle

They are simply weaves made of one color. It’s easier to make your choice and still be on track with a monochromatic weave, than having to bother about color combinations.

Royal Weaves

Royal weave hairstyles

Royal weaves curl inwards unlike the usual wavy curly weaves. They are bouncy and elegant.

Weaves with Bangs

Weaves with Bangs hair style

Adding bangs to your choice hairstyle makes you look unique. It gives a simple and unique appearance.

Types of Weaves by Material

The weave component determines the texture, size and volume of the weave. Here’s a list of different weave materials and how to identify them.

  • Brazilian Weave – Brazilian weaves are one of the most prominent. They are identified by their soft and thick texture and a bouncy look. They have straight and curly styles and are highly durable.
  • Indian Weave – Indians are known for silk fashion which also reflects in Indian weaves. They are thick and available in different styles such as straight, curly and so on.
  • Malaysian Weave – Malaysian weaves have a soft feel and shiny look. They look better if your hair is relaxed rather than natural.
  • Eurasian Weave – Eurasian weaves are currently the most expensive and rare weave material. They are super soft, smooth and silky. It comes in kinky, straight, curly and other attractive styles.
  • Peruvian Weave – Peruvian weaves are easily identified by their light weight feel and voluminous look. They fit in relaxed hair, natural hair and almost any hair texture.

Prices Of Human Hair Wigs and Weaves in Nigeria

The prices of wigs and weaves are determined by so many factors such as; material type, location, demand, vendor and the texture. Wigs are more expensive than weaves and generally sold in inches, below is the average price notwithstanding.

Human hair Wig Average Price
Frontal wigs ₦40,000
Braided wigs ₦35,000
Curl wigs ₦38,000
Closure wigs ₦13,000
Bone straight wigs ₦120,000
Virgin hair wig ₦16,000
Bob wig ₦36,000
Skull cap wig ₦6,000
Straight hair wig ₦12,000
Ponytail wigs ₦10,000

Currently due to demand, the most expensive wigs are the bone straight wigs and most frontal wigs.

Difference between Wigs and Weaves

These two words are often used interchangeably because they look similar when worn.

One of the major differences between wigs and weaves is that a wig can be worn and removed at any time without the help of a professional hairdresser, but a weave is sewn to the hair and the process requires a hairdresser.

Secondly, wigs are more durable. They can last for about 12 months if they’re given proper care and maintenance, while weaves do not last more than 3 months.

Thirdly, wigs can be worn in cases of hair loss, in essence, it covers up a bald head. While weaves require enough hair to plait the cornrows.

How to know original Wig and Weaving material

Synthetic and real human hairs are the two main classification of wigs and weaves. The original can be spotted using below features.

Difference between Synthetic and Human Hair

The first and most obvious difference between synthetic and human hair is the texture. Human hair has a more natural and soft feel while synthetic feels so unnatural.

Human hair has a swift movement and can bounce when shaken. Synthetic is more stiff and doesn’t bounce no matter how much you shake it.

Synthetic hairs cannot be styled with hot tools and they burn faster that human hair which can easily be styled by hot styling tools.

Human hair is more tangle free than synthetic hair. You can easily run your fingers through a human hair.

Human hair has a longer life span and easier maintenance, because it can be washed and re-styled. While synthetic is not as durable and requires more efforts for maintenance.

Lastly, human hairs are more cost effective than synthetic hairs.

Wigs & Weaves Care and Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your wigs and weaves will increase the life span and also make it look more appealing to your admirers. Some simple steps to maintaining them are:

  1. Avoid excessive use of hot styling tools, especially if it is a synthetic hair
  2. Avoid using small combs and brushes to de-tangle it. Use a wide-tooth comb or brush from the bottom.
  3. Use good hair moisturizers to ensure it is not dry. As much as possible, avoid using oils on your wig and weave. It causes it to tangle and damages it on the long run.
  4. Do not expose it to dust when not in use.
  5. Ensure you wash it with a good shampoo.

How Long do Hair Extensions Last?

Permanent hair extensions (like wigs) may last for 6-12 months. However, weaves depend on the method of installation. Tape-in sew-in and pre-bound extensions last for 4 – 8 weeks, clip- in and micro rings could last for 2-3 months.

Best Wig & Weave Sprays and Creams

There are different types of sprays and hair creams for wigs available. This list contains some recommendations from trusted brands.

  • Control wig spray
  • Bonfi natural oil free wig spray
  • Brandy wine wig spray
  • Wet and wavy de-tangling spray

Best Human Hair Brands in Nigeria

Majority of the human hair brands in Nigeria have their stores online. The top five best of these brands based on quality reviews, include:

  • Beth Hairs
  • Success Hairmpire
  • Lareina Hairs
  • Orah cover
  • Zara Hair

In conclusion, your sense of fashion does not become enviable when your wardrobe is flooded, but when you consistently show up in style. Let this article guide you in your choice and style of wigs and weaves.


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