House for Rent in Benin city, Edo

Houses for sale in Benin City, Edo state

Everyone knows Benin City as not just the economic hub of Edo state with long history of civilization, but also as the state’s capital and the fourth largest city in Nigeria that houses the empire’s seat of government, top manufacturing companies, industries and factories among other attractive places worth visiting like its national museum, the Oba’s Palace, Somorika hills, Igun street, Kada plaza, Ring Road etc.

In case you don’t know Benin too well, the City is the headquarters of Oredo Local Government Area of the South Southern state, Edo as well as it’s capital. It is popular for its rich cultures & traditions, enormous wood carvings, brass smiths, Ivory and bronze casters. It was once a part of the defunct Benin imperial Kingdom, Igodomigodo which lasted from the 13th to 19th century when the British invaded its territory in 1897. Its landmass area totals 114,763 square kilometres, on it, one of the longest great walls in human history was built.

Now, let’s go rent a house in Benin City. Depending on what it is you need or want in a home or apartment, there are so many neighborhoods in Benin to live or work in. The following places is suitable for you if you are hunting for neighborhoods with reliable power supply and security: GRA, Etetei, Uniben Campus, New Etetei, Airport road, Ubth campus and Upper Sapele road. On the other hand, the following places do not have their electrical power and security guaranteed: Oluku, Osasogie, Ekosodin, BDPA, Ugbowo and to an extent, Ekehuan & Akpakpava.

Houses for rent in Benin city

Interestingly, living in Benin is not so expensive, although not that cheap. You can say the cost of livelihood in the urban area is affordable by an average Nigerian citizen.

Demand has always been a major deciding factor as to how much rents go for in Benin City, other factors include closeness to an access road, markets and other public utilities.

Property Average Price
1 Bedroom Flat ₦100,000
2 Bedroom Flat ₦250,000
3 Bedroom Flat ₦400,000
Single room Self contain ₦150,000
Warehouse ₦1,200,000
Office/Shops ₦700,000
Duplex (4 bedroom) ₦35,000,000

You can Whatsapp or Call these agents: 0814 040 1477 or 0806 800 1681 for more info.
Apart from an ideal residential house or workplace, there are other recreational centers, restaurants and other landed properties that we are not able to provide their prices since their costs depend on so many factors that would make a fixed amount unrealistic.

Things to consider before choosing a house in Benin City

Below is a checklist of things you need to consider before hunting for a flat, single bedroom, offices, shops, etc.

  • Security – The security of your neighborhood is topping this checklist because the dead do not rent spaces, the living do. Not only that, since your business puts food on your table, your properties are also supposed to be safe.
  • Power supply – Currently, it is rare to get a neighborhood in Nigeria with steady power supply. As a needed commodity for daily life activities, lookout for those areas with a more regular and reliable electrical power in any of the above-listed neighborhood.
  • Nightlife events – The truth is that the Nigerian entertainment industry is booming and Benin City is not left out. There are enough fun places to go like hotels, nightclubs and nightlife in general for both the civil servants and entrepreneurs. In any case that you consider Nightlife so circular, other places like GRA will be suitable for you.
  • Transportation – The need for access roads can never be overemphasized. Consider places with good roads especially when your means of livelihood depends on it.

Best restaurants in Benin City

When drinking and eating good food is an item for you, these are the best places you can go to give yourself a nice treat.

1. Omega Resturant & Bar

2. Chicken Republic

3. Mat Ice

4. Mama Ebo pepper Rice

5. Toseton restaurant

6. Nadia bakery & Gold peak

7. Wan more for delicious cakes and yummy snacks.

8. Kada Fried chicken


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