Best Hair and Face Cream for Men & Women in Nigeria

Face and Hair Cream for Men and Female in Nigeria

Having a fine face or glowing hair really costs a set of quality skincare and haircare cream products respectively. These creams are best for smoothening the body, moisturizing skin, hair growth and improving natural colour as opposed to outright bleaching of the skin just for a fairer complexion.

Since the face is the very first point of contact when you meet people daily, the use of quality face cream has become so important these days not just for fashionistas, models, celebrities and the ladies in general, but for everyone else who cares for good looks without pimples, rashes, scars wrinkles etc.

In the same vien, a good hair cream strengthens & grows the hair follicles, softens & brightens it’s looks, keeps the scalp healthy & dry-free as it goes a long way to prevent Dandruff, Hair loss, Ringworm, Hair breakage and Psoriasis etc. These are all benefits of quality styling creams as seen in some cosmetics shops in Nigeria today.

Generally speaking, having a body lotion from good cosmetics brands with quality ingredients that protects against harmful UV rays from the Sun is recommended for every skin type now that the world is obsessed with fair or light skin tone and undertones. Having said that, below are top-rated creams with good online reviews that will make you shine brighter.

Best Face creams for men and women in Nigeria

There are many face creams for different skin types and individual needs. An acne prone skin for instance would need a nonclogging moisturizer if not a blue light therapy while for a glowing skin, one needs creams that contain rich oils and fats – a greasy moisturizer. Most face peels or creams are unisex except for where there is need to vary the intensity of their smells giving rise to male and female versions of same product.

1. Veet Gold Face Cream

Veet Gold is a non bleaching face cream you’d like to try out. It contains SPF 18 to aid protection against the Sun’s UV rays while it clears all dark, black spots, acne scars, pimples, freckles and blemishes etc. Works well on an oily skin with no side effects.

An original Veet Gold facial whitening cream has white color inside it with a sealed code on its pack. When duly applied, it improves and evenly distributes facial complexion for a lighter one. Good a thing that it works for all skin types and can be used simultaneously with other cosmetics made by same company such as Veet gold facial cleanser and Veet gold soap.

2. Nano Extra Whitening Face Cream

When the facial skin’s elasticity, removal of dead body cells and having a younger & lighter body tone is important to you, then Nano face creams come to mind. Nano creams are indigenous to Thailand and have proven to be a recommendable skin softener and rejuvenator.

Some parts of the body with difficult to remove dark spots like the elbows, knees feets etc can evenly be treated while evenly distributing the choice lighter tone.

3. Lalala Face Cream

This cream is specially made for removal of all sorts of aging marks, wrinkles on the face, stubborn dark spots, sunburns and to repair damaged skins. Original Lalala face cream contains the needed vitamins to give you a soft and glowy face without having to risk having any dark circles under your eyes.

To start with, you may consider buying Lalala cream 15ml at a cheaper price in major cosmetics shop in any Nigerian city. You can combine it in a mixture with any of your desirable creams if that tickles your fancy.

4. BB Clear Face Cream

As you may have known, BB Clear is a bleaching cream used by individuals who want a lighter uniform facial color. It makes the skin smooth, contains SPF 15, makes the body glow with a radiating flawlessness.

The facial cream comes as a set alongside the soap, lotion, serum, essential oil and unwanted spot remover. Non of the packages are greazy and it is suitable for reducing melanin production so as to activate a fairer skin color. In as much as it makes well dark spots, BB clear does not treat acne or pimples.

Those with sensitive skin types should avoid using BB Clear since it may result in some side effects on the long run. In any case, use with caution!

5. Goji Berry Facial Cream

Keep your face looking youthful with this anti-aging fragrance-free moisturizer suitable for all skin types including the sensitive one. One good thing about Goji Berry cream is that you can wear it anytime, whether it is in the morning or night.

Unlike most of the face creams we have reviewed here, Goji Berry does not make your skin fairer, so it is best for individuals with dry, sensitive or damaged skin – that is to say that this product is for all and sundry.

The chemical components of this substance has some antioxidant Amino acids along with the highly needed dermal vitamins and minerals that makes for a smoother, softer, flawless and glowing skin.

Hair styling creams for men and women in Nigeria

Just like most cosmetic products, a given styling cream is reserved for either the females or the males mainly because of different body compositions and skin thicknesses as each product’s smell concentration differ in many shampoos, fragrances, or wax hair gels etc. Nevertheless, below is the much-awaited list for both children and adults.

1. Andrea Hair Growth Essence

This cream is not just popular among the ladies for quick hair growth, it is also used by men for stimulating beard growth, darkening hairs, preventing baldness & maintaining hair line in general.

It is one of the best hair creams in Nigeria as its made from natural ingredients from essential oils like coconut oil, olive oil etc which has no side effects. As stated above, this brand’s products are unisex – prepared for both men and women to use on daily basis. In fact, this product has proven to turn adult’s gray hairs to its darker versions.

2. SoulMate Hair Cream

Soulmate is a medicated antiseptic hair cream product indigenous to Nigeria for growing your hair and prevent or cure some hair-related diseases like dandruff, itching scalp, ringworm and other aftershave & barbing infections.

It is highly in demand due to a range of hair benefits it offers to hair stylists. In extension, it is made of herbs which acts on endoderm cells to reduce secretion of inflammatory substances for glowy hair growth. See Soulmate hair cream prices here if you’d like to purchase it.

3. Hair Wonder Cream

This hair Wonder as the brand name implies is not acting below expectation as it can grow your hair to be longer within a short period. As a popular hair conditioner, there are fake versions of the wonder cream in Nigerian markets, especially its El Glittas cream mostly used by the ladies, but the original ones are still being sold in reputable online and offline cosmetics stores across the country.

Always buy from trusted sellers since the imitation can always have side effects. The original Wonder cream is made with natural ingredients thus safe and sound for humans to use without hair breakages, loss, discoloration and other diseases. A set of El Glittas hair wonder cream comes with an essential oil, shampoo and a possible kit.

4. Damatol Hair Cream

Although Damatol is a well-known hair cream, just like Soul Mate, it is a medicated cream for healthy hair growth, prevention and cure of hair diseases like dandruff, ringworm, lice, etc.

The manufacturing company known as Damatol also sells some amazing antiseptic skin formular for a glowing skin free of eczema, pimples, chicken pox etc. Get for yourself or family a Damatol hair cream for sale in our marketplace.

5. Kuza Indian Hemp hair cream

Kuza hair cream comes in handy when you must have applied some chemicals with damaging effects on your hair. In that case, the 100% Indian Hemp made with Shea butter will be highly recommended for its treatment to restore that hair back to it’s original nature and color.

Each Kuza cream are the cheapest of all to buy and they are purely made of organic substances from herbs, fine oils and the chief constituent, Indian Hemp itself which facilitates or stimulates hair growth on its own.

Take Away
For face creams, check if they are non-comedogenic, clog pores or not and for hair creams, checkout abily to discolor hair strands among other things. Meanwhile, they are all sold in ml or cl per size of each cup, bottle or cannister. Checkout Perfumes and Deodorants available for sale in our marketplace now.

Your comments, reviews, feedbacks after using these products help us improve, please drop them below.


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