Duxiana Bed Mattress Price List

Duxiana Bed Mattress Price List

The mattress brand, Duxiana is a Swedish bed maker owned and operated by Efraim Ljung’s family. DUX is a furniture company, that leverages modern technology to produce pieces of quality bedroom mattresses, chairs, living room sofas and more at affordable prices.

Duxiana has become a household name in many homes and luxury Hotel beds of over 88 countries of the world, giving customers a new sleeping experience in comfort using its handcrafted beds which are embedded with innersprings that support your sleeping posture and traces body contours just to give you a sound sleep without back pains each time you wake up (especially if you are a side sleeper).

Although the DUX mattress has been in operation since 1926, the world’s most expensive bed is not yet attributable to the brand since Hastens, another bedmaker based in Sweden has recorded per unit sale of about $400,000 USD with its grand-vividus mattress which was sold to the music rapper, Drake in partnership with the Canadian luxury interior designer and decorator, Ferris Rafauli.

Not withstanding that, a two-layer configuration of Dux 1001 bed costs about $4,510 USD per single bed frame. The first layer consists of a 2.5 inch mattress topper unattached to the bed for cushioning while the second layer represents the foam itself designed with interconnected springs made of high tensile steel wire that supports your weight and makes you comfortable while on it. Vertically, the bed is made up of 3 different support zones: the hips, shoulders and legs which varies according to their spring tensions.

Cost of Duxiana bed

Duxiana bed is Lightweight, made to last for generations and usually installed by a team of the company’s professionals. All you need do is to preorder from the mattress company. Check below for the price list of mattresses from Twin, Full, Queen to King sizes.
Cost of Duxiana Mattresses

Bed Price range
The Dux 1001 $4,510 – $8,510
The Dux 3003 $5,825 – 11,500
The Dux 6006 $7,875 – $15,085
The Dux 8008 $9,935 – $19,205
The Dux Dynamic $8,695 – $17,390
The Dux 303 Frameless $5,240 plus
The Dux One $4,495 plus
The Dux Xclusive $29,505 plus

Benefits of choosing a Duxiana mattress bed

  • Checkmates spin alignment
  • Gives you a deep uninterrupted sleep
  • It come with an adjustable lumber support
  • It is a breathable bed
  • It has an internally integrated mattress
  • Made with durable continuous coil suspension
  • It has customizable support system in place
  • Embedded with the Dux component strategy
  • It is environmentally friendly with time-tested technology.

Replaceability of Duxiana bed makes choice of the mattress even more interesting. One major reason why many a-list clienteles patronize this company is because each component part can always be removed and replaced especially when damaged without having to buy a brand new mattress.

The mattress accessories is another dimension to Duxiana products that enhances the utility, looks and feels of your bedroom while giving you the comfort you deserve. Starting from the Bedskirt that comes in varying colors to match and cover the hardwood frame and underside legs of the bed, there exists a headboard, duvets, pillow cases, bed sheets and tapered beech legs that makes the whole package stand out.

So far, Duxiana has recorded over 88 offices worldwide across countries like the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, etc. It’s showroom in New York City, US is spectacular!

Although this manufacturer is highly recommended, but if you don’t find the Dux bed fancy for some reasons, Simmons mattress here is another luxury bed you will definitely find interesting.


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