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High yield Dwarf pawpaw seeds & seedlings 🌱 🌱
improved F1 Semi dwarf Maradona pawpaw seedlings🌱 #1,000
F2 dwarf hybrid pawpaw seedlings 🌱 #400

Improved F1 Semi dwarf Maradona pawpaw seeds:
100 seeds Satchet #10,000
500 seeds Satchet #30,000
F2 dwarf hybrid pawpaw seed:
200 seeds satchet #10,000
500 seeds satchet #20,000
(but if you don’t need upto 200 seeds Satchet, it’s #100 per seed)

If the quantity is much, the price will reduce to the lowest (Further discount available)

*Difference Between F1 And F2 Dwarf Pawpaw:*
The major difference is that the F1 is the seeds improved directly to become the hybrid for higher yield, bigger fruits, dwarf, etc…

When F1 seeds are planted, F2 *seeds* are gotten from F1 *fruits*

When F2 seeds are planted, F3 *seeds* are gotten from F2 *fruits*.

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