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Laptop PowerBank 256wh

Laptop Powerbank is a high capacity powerbank of 80,000mAH 12.8v Lithium Iron Phosphate battery.

Built with high quality rechargeable batteries of 2500 cycles ie 7-years lifespan.

This is a unique battery indeed that can power/charge your laptop for a minimum of 6hrs and up to 12hrs depending on your laptop power consumption “wattage”.

It is indeed a Laptop Power Bank!

That can power all devices that use an external adapter like:
DC Television
DC Fans

DC Bulbs

Thermal printer
Photo printers
Digital cameras
Huawei modems (Routers) (swift 4G, Spectranet etc)

Other devices that can accept 12v to 16volts 1.5 -7 amps

Other devices that can accept 17v – 20 volts 3.7 – 6 amps

Other devices that can accept 24v 0.5 – 5amps

Charges Phones and iPad

Input: Charging voltage DC 15volts- 19V 3.5 -5 amps / 80watts solar panel

Output: DC 17V-20V, 3.5A auto for Laptops

Output 2; 12V-15V for Dc appliances

Dimensions: 190 x 140 x 70 mm

All in one Universal PowerBank for your laptops, smartphones and printer and enjoy the following benefits:

* It supports all laptops of 45w to 95watts

* It works a minimum of 6 hours and up to 12 hours uninterrupted when is fully charged

*Portable and dependable

*Tested and confirmed to have a long-lasting battery life up to 7 years of usage.

*Very good and in excellent condition.

What is in the pack:

All-in-one Power Bank
Has in-built USB Charger (rating 5V, 2.1Ah) Xtra charge
1 Power Bank Charger
1 Users’ guide on the sticker
1 Laptop connecting cable

1 DC to DC connector (on request)

Note: why ordering, specify your laptop type and model also the input voltage, so we can put together the connecting cable suitable for it.

Ojo Alaba, Lagos , Nigeria