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Samlite roofing company system is a companies that supplies of traditional stone coated roofing sheet, we also sell water collector rain gutter, W C toilet seat, turkey security door, American panel security door etc.
All our products are of good quality
Our profiles a designed to reflect the styles of traditional roof products and therefore blend into the surrounding environment, irrespective of whether it is a modern, classic or contemporary building.

The high-quality, lightweight and diverse range of profiles and finishes makes it possible to use samlite in a wide variety of application for new build or renovation. Our products are suitable for homes, offices, retail stores, schools, leisure facilities, hospital…….

Highest performance each samlite products is pressed from the highest quality steel available in our industry, to guarantee a durable and strong roof. The steel is coated on both sides with an exclusive aluminum zinc (AluzincĀ®) primer or similar/equivalent that offers an excellent protection against fire, corrosion and is less vulnerable to fracture.

A wide range of roof accessories
Samlite also supplies a full range of accessories that fully integrate with our lightweight steel roofing systems. Each product is manufactured to the high standards as our tile profiles

Eti-Osa, Lagos , Nigeria