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These are plant based essential oils fragrance which are conducive and healthy to breathe /inhale ;eco friendly. No flame,no hot smoke and it is one clean,effective and safety way to diffuse aroma continuously in your area;

2.It is available for refreshing bedroom,bath room,office,kitchens and anywhere else fragrance is needed
could serve as home decoration,activity promotion,gift,birthday,valentines day.

5.get rid of smell of smoke and unpleasant smell

directions for use:
open fragrance oil bottle carefully. Insert reed sticks. The reeds will absorb the fragrance oil, diffusing the scent into the room. Allow 24 hours for full fragrance effect. To accelerate the process, invert the reeds after 1-2 hours. Rensert sticks into bottle with “wet” ends on top.repeat to refresh scent as needed.

Alimosho, Lagos , Nigeria