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Selling this gorgeous wrap waist trainers.

They slim your tummy instantly by 3-4 inches and they are to wear under clothes stress free.

They are also perfect for mothers who just gave birth🥰

For long term results you can combine this waist trainers with healthy eating or exercise.

Wear the waist trainer for 4-6 hours everyday for better results. 👌🏽🥰
Say goodbye to tummy fat. 🔥💃🏾

We also do droppshipping and sell in bulk

Retail price 3500.
Wholesale price 2500

Distributors is also needed if you are interested to be a distributor in your state ( call or WhatsApp 09021182091)

We deliver to all states 🚛

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{Our branch : Jalingo Taraba state, Abuja, Owerri imo state, Anambra onitcha, uyo Akwa Ibom }

{Note : payment on delivery within our branch }

Onitsha North, Anambra , Nigeria