Top 10 Cosmetics Companies in Canada

Cosmetics, makeup and Beauty brands in Canada

Ravishing beauty is indeed a good thing to behold. With the right makeup products and kits, every woman looks dashing effortlessly. As a result, we bring you a list of the best Canadian cosmetic companies that you would find interesting to know. Before that, let me briefly take you through the evolution of the make-up industry in Canada.

Over the years, makeup has evolved and keeps trending for mainly the female folks although Men’s makeups are available but not yet in fashion. In times past, cosmetology and makeup was abhorred and seen in some quarters as a thing for prostitutes and actresses alike. Lethal materials at the time were used to change skin and facial appearances which leaves the wearer with some side effects afterwards.

The first use of cosmetics in history was recorded to have started in the 1st Dynasty of Egypt when men and women used unguent jars to keep the skin hydrated, supple and free from wrinkles. Egyptian women specifically applied some green colors and substances like kohl on the under lid & upper lid respectively for facial decorations.

Interestingly, the 1920’s American women massively bought the idea behind makeup, the era was marked with the introduction of red lipstick often scented with cherry followed by the sale of lip glosses in markets by Max Factor. As the patronage grew, other beauty accessories like eyelash curler, Mascara in cake and its cream type all started showing up in beauty industries across north America and that of Canada wasn’t left out.

Top 10 Beauty and Makeup Brands in Canada

Here is an updated list of the top Canadian cosmetics companies in 2024 for your daily makeup with the best skincare, haircare essential oils and other body care products from local manufacturers for you to buy from at affordable prices without breaking the bank.

1. Nudestix cruelty-free cosmetics

Nudestix is a beauty brand based in Toronto, ON. It started out in 2014 with specialty in sales of vegan-powered makeup that enhance natural beauty. It has in its beauty store a range of assorted beautification products that include foundation concealer to Lip, Eye & Face makeup and Kits etc.

If you ever considered glowing effortlessly wearing makeup even when it doesn’t seem like it, then Nudestix is your best choice, simple and effective. It is cruelty-free and made with everyday natural ingredients so there is no risk of after effects.

Their kits also come with a pack of makeup crayons for those who like using them to trace outlines for routine coloring or to fill up on the brows, cheek, lips etc.

2. Deciem beauty company

Provision of cruelty-free and Vegan makeup is at the heart of Deciem as a corporate outfit and those are some of the company’s core values. It was founded by Brandon Truaxe in 2013 and now houses about 3 successful subsidiaries including Hylamide, NIOD and The Ordinary with over 35 cosmetics stores all over Canada.

The brand prides itself in its abnormality in the industry owing to its uniqueness, quality products and services. In essence, she leads the way in Science-backed skincare innovative formulations and solutions aimed at furthering advances functional beauty.

Their product branded The Ordinary has indeed taken over the industry with its effective affordable clinical technologies and dedicated treatment. Generally Deciem sells serums, Regimen Builders, lotions, facial masks cleansers etc.

3. BITE Beauty company

Bite Beauty is a Canadian brand dealing on makeup products. This seller blends healthy living and wellness with cosmetics, thus the provision of a range of natural lips products that are edible and free of sulphates and parabens. That’s a future trend brought to present day.

The company was founded in Toronto by Susanne Langmuir in 2011 . It is mainly into production of shades of lipsticks and other face care products for makeup artists and the personal care community at large. Apart from the naturality of its cosmetics, they are also formulated with super clean, food-grade vegan ingredients.

After a decade of operations, in May 2012, BITE announced its plans to go out of business. Fortunately, its manufactured products in various stores are still available for sale.

4. M.A.C Beauty company

MAC cosmetics is one of the most popular beauty brands that Canada has ever had that doubles as a pace setter in the industry. The brand is more focused on creating products that makes for a healthy skin using safe ingredients. Their products are all artist-approved having undergone series of critical reviews.

Some of the best-selling products of this Toronto based-brand include its topnotch eyeshadows, quality foundations and setting sprays and more. With all that in your makeup bag, you are on your way to joining millions of happy customers all over the world who fancy M.A.C looks and cherish it.

5. Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone beauty never relents in manufacturing vegan, cruelty-free lip glosses that are sustainable by nature. It aims to make cosmetics that are not just recyclable, but also refillable since that is an environmental and pocket-friendly approach to serving its teaming customers across country.

The Canadian indigenous cosmetics brand was started in 2016 by Jenn Harper as a side hustle asides her seafood industry job at the time. Cheekbone as a beauty company prides herself in producing liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, highlight palettes and contour etc which are fit for use having passed series of Lab tests supervised by her full-time chemist.

6. Evio Beauty

When you buy any of the beauty products by Evio, you are invariably opting in for an out-of-the-box makeup brand. In essence, Evio is a luxury brand and surprisingly, the company’s products are affordable.

As a company, Evio was founded by Brandi Leifso and its headquarters is located in Vancouver, Canada. Some of its partnership include that with the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

7. Saje Natural Wellness

Unlike most cosmetics companies listed above, Saje Natural Wellness cares more for physical wellness and have gone ahead to make plant-based products that makes your face, skin and general body appear well.

Their products effectively eliminated harmful chemicals like parabens, artificial fragrances and SLS and others.

8. Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Rocky Mountain Soap is unique for the kind of products it manufactures. The brand tends to cover most of the areas in the beauty and wellness industry unlike its competitors listed above, from face creams, soaps, powders, pancakes and other makeup and kits.

The wonderful thing about Rocky Mountain is that all of its products are curated from natural ingredients.

9. Cosmic Skincare

When you purchase a piece of Cosmic Skincare, you have bought a complete package of safe nourishment for the skin without any trace of harmful chemicals. Their ingredients are sourced from plant-products with anti-aging attributes while the essential oils can be applied on an acne prone skin, on the beard or face.

Among various body are products offered by the Cosmic brand, the company sells bath milk, clay masks, gift sets etc.

10. Province Apothecary

Just like Cosmic above, Province Apothecary is a package of skincare rituals made from organic plant materials. It was founded by Julie Clark

We have successfully listed above, the best Cosmetics brands that has in store some of your favorite makeup and accessories. Feel free to drop your feedback with us, it helps us serve you better.


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