List of Biggest Construction Companies in Canada

list of construction companies in Canada

Looking for a construction company to work with or execute a job with in Canada? We have compiled a list of the biggest construction companies in the North American country for easy assessment. These are the largest companies with high annual income revenue, years of experience and the best of resources needed to carry out high-profile projects.

Everyone would agree that Canada has one of the best firms and skilled professionals to execute a given construction project in the world today.

Interestingly, this workforce is steadily increasing as more skilled labourers, professionals, artisans and other fine talents migrate to develop the country’s construction sector even the more. As a result, knowing some of the largest companies in her construction sector is a good ground to start with.

Biggest Construction Companies in Canada

In no particular order, the following top industry contractors undertake most of the heavy and civil engineering projects like roads, bridges, roofing services and general building construction today in Canada.

1. PCL construction

This is a very popular employee-owned construction company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was incorporated in 1913 as a contracting company and expanded it’s international presence to the United States with its headquarters in Denver, Colorado to be precise.

The name PCL cannot be mentioned without due credits to its founding fathers, Ernest Edward Poole and James Martin who jointly founded the company in Saskatchewan as Martin and Poole Construction in the year 1906. Since coming into the industry, PCL has been leading the way from digitizing the construction industry to creative off-site modular manufacturing. PCL is virtually unlimited.

PCL Construction services

The organization is into innovative mobilization of resources to give value for money and meet clients goals in educational, residential, institutional and commercial construction projects.

PCL is a conglomerate of construction companies with services in Buildings, Industrial, Civil engineering or other Special Projects. Generally, they per take in procurement, construction management and design works across various sectors of the Canadian economy.

PCL office contact and address

Canada: 9915 56th Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 5L7
. Call (780) 733-5000.

United States: 2000 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 2-500
Denver, CO 80222
. Call (303) 365-6500.

Australia: 39 East Esplanade, Suite 402
Manly, NSW, Australia 2095
. Call 02 9976 3573.

Caribbean: Bahamas Buildings. Call (905) 276-7600.

2. EllisDon Corporation

EllisDon is one of the largest construction companies based in Canada that recognizes the benefits of building strong relationship with its clientele and workforce in the industry.

It was originally founded by David Ellis alongside Don Smith in London, Ontario, Canada. Currently, the company’s North American headquarters is located in Mississauga.

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EllisDon Construction services

The award-winning EllisDon has its construction services portfolio decorated with completed projects crisscrossing nooks and crannies of Canada from Transportation, Educational, Industrial, Recreation, Judicial, Residential facilities etc to a handful of successfully executed international projects in United Arab Emirates in Dubai and the United States in Miami.

EllisDon office Contact and Address

Canada: 1004 Middlegate Rd. Suite 1000
Mississauga, Ontario
. Call 905.896.8900.

3. Aecon Group Incorporated

Aecon group is a family of companies in Canada specialized in development and construction of infrastructures that provide integrated services and solutions to private and public sector clients since 1877 with inception in Hamilton.

As a parent company and one of the industry’s leaders, Aecon was first incorporated as Prefac Concrete of Montreal in 957 by John M. Beck and his parents.

Aecon construction services

Recently in 2013, the company was restructured into three major components of the Industrial, Transportation and Concessions arms that undertake projects in oil and gas facilities, airport terminals, natural gas power plants, highways construction, hydroelectric dams and facilities, cogeneration plants, subway tunnels and utility corridors while offering private finance solutions to PPP projects.

It also engages in mass production of other project development services like provision of pre-construction and pre-fabrication materials, Asphalt and aggregate materials etc.

Aecon headquarters address and phone number

Toronto: 20 Carlson Court, Suite 105
Toronto, ON M9W 7K6
. Call (416) 297 2600.

Vancouver: 1055 Dunsmuir Street
Four Bentall Centre, Suite 2124
Vancouver, BC V7X 1G4
. Call (604) 235 1398.

Calgary: 28 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Suite 310
Calgary, AB T2C 5P9
. Call (403) 695 3085.

Montreal: 2015 rue Peel, Bureau 600
Montreal, QC H3A 1T8
. Call (514) 352 0100.

4. Kiewit Canada Group Incorporated

In 1884, an American engineering and construction technology’s parent organization named Peter Kiewit and Son’s Inc fronted Kiewit Corporation which also has TIC as a major subsidiary.

The company is based in Omaha, Nebraska, United States and has since spread and established a strong presence in Canada and Mexico. Through hardwork and consistency, it has successfully registered its name in the hearts of Canadians for over 75 years as an employee-owned company having won notable awards in the industry.

Kiewit Corporation services

Services mainly include mining, engineering construction, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Water and Power sectors etc.

Kiewit office address and phone number

In Alberta exists Kiewit Energy Canada
10333 Southport Road SW, Ste. 200 Calgary, AB T2W 3X6. Call (403) 693-8701

British Columbia: 499 – 309 2nd Avenue West Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3T1. Call
(250) 622-2526.

Newfoundland: 215 Water Street, Suite 505 St. Johns, NL A1C 6C9. Call (709) 733-7000.

Ontario: 1425 North Service Road East, Unit 1 Oakville, ON L6H 1A7. Call (905) 337-4000.

Quebec: 3055 Boulevard Saint-Martin O Laval, QC H7T 0J3. Call (450) 435-5756.

5. Graham Construction

Graham group is indeed one of the top construction companies in Canada that is worth mentioning in this list. It focuses on building what’s important and meeting various clients’ needs in sectors that range from healthcare to industrial, private education and commercial markets.

Graham construction was founded solely by P.W Graham himself in 1926 with series of railway station construction. It is widely known for handling complex construction projects irrespective of the regional condition.

Graham Construction services

The services provided by this professional contractor is mainly into three divisions which includes Pre-construction services, Program management, Construction management and Infrastructural building in general.

Graham knows no bounds, it leverages modern day information technology tools to deliver green certified projects across North America.

Graham head office address and phone number

Calgary: 10840 27 Street SE
Calgary AB T2Z 3R6
. Call 403.570.5000.

6. Flynn Group of Companies

Flynn is one of the biggest roofing contractors in Canada today specialized in providing roof installation, repair works and other roofing services solutions to its clients spread across Canada and the United States.

The subcontractors started in Winnipeg by Doug Flynn in 1978 and now has its headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario.

Flynn Roofing services

The services provided by this contractor include: Roof leakage repairs, Metal paneling, Contract glazing, Curtain wall and a range of other commercial roofing services available in a building.

Flynn Companies address and phone number

Toronto head office: 6435 Northwest Dr, Mississauga, ON L4V 1K2, Canada. Call (905) 671-3971.

7. Bird Construction

Bird is one of the prominent builders in Canada dedicated to giving clients value for their hard-earned monies. The founder, H.J. Bird began the firm in Saskatchewan in 1920 and it has since then completed numerous noteworthy projects that span sectors like oil & mining, retail, industrial, institutional, energy, civil, renewables and residential sectors etc.

Bird Construction services

In offering quality services, Bird partnered with Stuart Olson to enhance service delivery in the civil infrastructure, building and industrial sectors among others.

Bird Construction head office address and contact

Mississauga: 5700 Explorer Drive, Suite 400 Mississauga, ON L4W 0C6. Call 905.602.4122.

8. Ledcor Construction

Ledcor is a construction company focused mainly on markets in Canada and the United States. It was founded in 1947 by William Lede with aims that seek to incorporate an innovative approach into its project execution.

Ledcor Construction services

The services that Ledcor as a company provides range from Infrastrural development to Mining, Transportation, Communications, Properties, Environmental and Power etc. Blue remains the colour.

Ledcor office address and phone number

Canada: Suite 1200-1067 Cordova St W
Vancouver, BC V6C 1C7
. Call 604-681-7500.

United States: Suite 200
6405 Mira Mesa Blvd San Diego, CA 92121
. Call 858-527-6400

9. SNC-Lavalin Group Inc

Indeed the #1 largest tag is befitting of SNC-Lavalin when you take a look at the company’s gigantic workforce and resulting revenue that amounted to over CA $10.1 billion dollars only in 2018 – Wiki reports.

The closest construction company to this record is PCL but that of SNL-Lavalin is not just record breaking, but jaw dropping too. The company is a pioneer of new technologies in the Canadian construction industry despite having over 52,435 direct employees all over the world in its payroll as of 2019.

SNC-Lavalin is one of the oldest functional construction companies till today in Canada. It started in 1911 and now has offices operational in about 160 countries of the world currently with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec.

SNC-Lavalin group inc services

Provides engineering, research, procurement, design, construction, operations, engineering, procurement, financing, facility management maintenance and consultancy services in varying and unlimited sectors of the industry.

SNC-Lavalin office address and contact

455 René-Lévesque Blvd. West
Montreal, Quebec Canada, H2Z 1Z3

Investor contact: +15143938000

10. Jacobs Solutions Inc

This is a parent organization to a number of subsidiaries which are into provision of technical and professional consultancy services to its local and international clients ranging from government agencies, organization to private individuals.

It is an American company founded by J. J. Jacobs in 1947 as an Engineering company. Its career employee base is also numerous with over 55,000 workers recorded so far. As at 2021, its annual revenue was put at $14.09 billion USD dollars.

Services are mainly in consultancy and provision of engineering solutions in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Address: 411 1st Street SE, Suite 2700
Calgary, AB T2G 4Y5

Contact: +1 403.407.8700

Largest and Richest Construction Company in Canada

From financial statistics available to us, we were able to gather and give our verdict that the richest and largest company is Fluor Corporation, an American-based engineering organization worth over $14.156 billion with huge presence in Canada. Its employment capacity of about 40,582 staff as at 2022 says it all, although that figure is not the biggest in the industry but the income is.

If you think that a company is missen or should not have been in this top list of construction companies, feel free to use our comment box below to pass across the message. Thanks for reading, meanwhile checkout Doors and Windows Manufacturers in Canada.

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